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Where can a patient look for clinics offering top dental implants? Bangkok to the rescue!

There are quite a lot of reasons why Bangkok has emerged to be one of the leading choices for international patients. Some might say the country is considered as a leading destination for patients seeking top dental implants. Bangkok will provide patients with countless dental clinics and highly trained dentists providing excellent quality dental care.

Dental implants are a procedure where a metal post, normally titanium is surgically inserted into the jawbone of the patient just beneath the gums to act as an artificial root.

This root allows an abutment to be screwed into it as a mount for a false tooth. This provides an identical match to the natural teeth of the patient.

These can also be used as part of a full mouth restoration using four, six or eight to support an entire arch of replacement teeth (fixed bridge). 

How Much Can I Save in Bangkok?

The cost of the procedure in Bangkok is considerably lower than in most other countries.








$ 5,098.00

$ 5,238.00

$ 3,913.00


$ 2,410.00

$ 2,563.00

$ 1,900.00








Two Top Dental Implant Clinics in Bangkok

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) - Main Headquarters prides itself as a provider of excellent quality and outstanding services to international patients. Their procedures include composite filling, laser teeth whitening, standard titanium dental implant and root canal. All treatments are done in their own laboratories that are equipped with the latest dental equipment and technology.

Smile Signature - Siam Square has been operating for more than 10 years. The clinic provides consummate dental care treatments including deep cleaning, scaling & root planning, regular and laser teeth cleaning, crowns, veneers, implants and dentures.

Most of the dentists in Thailand received their education in Australia, United States or even in the United Kingdom and have undergone rigorous training. Here at Dental Departures, we can recommend some of these certified dentists. We have checked and verified the quality that the clinics provide and all patients need to do now is book an appointment.

How Do I Book?

If you are looking for a clinic offering top dental implants, Bangkok clinics can provide the best quality at the most affordable prices available. These clinics are world-class and patients can enjoy a relaxing recovery here in Thailand after their procedure. 

To book, get in touch with our Customer Care Team via the toll-free number, email or online chat.

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