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Bangkok is one of the most exciting places in the world, bar none! The sights, sounds and smells combine together to create an atmosphere like you have never felt before.

Although many people visit Bangkok to explore this stunning city, more Westerners than ever before are visiting Bangkok for their low-cost dental treatments.

The money that can be saved by undergoing the All-on-4® treatment concept in the city is truly astounding. 

How Much Money Can I Save in Bangkok?

The price differences are almost 60% when compared to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe? That’s right, and because dental implant treatments are very extensive and expensive, you can literally save thousands of dollars by visiting Bangkok for your treatments.

If you get your All-on-4® treatment concept done in the USA, can expect to pay in the region of almost USD $30,000! Just think what you could buy with that! It sometimes makes you wonder if dental establishments in the Western World are simply taking advantage of people who desperately need these kinds of treatments.

If you are thinking of visiting Bangkok for denta treatments, check out an example of the prices you can expect to pay in Thailand on average: US $ 11,000 (CAN $13,996; UK £8,488; Euro €9,382; Aus $13,968; NZ $15,155), compared to the prices in the US $26,000 (CAN $33,431; UK £19,382; Euro €23,130; Aus $33,910; NZ $34,841).


Finding Quality Clinics in Bangkok

Now we have come to terms with the earth-shattering low prices for the All-on-4® treatment concept in Bangkok, it’s time to find a dental clinic in the city that merges those low prices with high-quality treatments and world-class surgeons. This is actually quite simple because there are so many top-notch dental clinics in Bangkok.

On the Dental Departures website, we have listed the most highly-recommended dental clinics with customer-generated reviews in Bangkok. The reviews are from former patients of each clinic, which really does give us honest and straight-talking advice on the most impressive clinics. Here is a list below of the most highly recommended clinics on the DD website, or alternatively you can visit their website directly for a more in-depth look:

Before you travel to Bangkok, you can obtain a preliminary assessment and price quote from your chosen dentist through Dental Departures by sending through up-to-date scans and digital x-rays.

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