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Are you planning a trip to Malaysia? Combine leisure with oral care in Penang, a tourist destination located in the northwestern side of the Malaysian Peninsular. You can get top dental work in Penang at a reasonable price. Clinics in Penang offer a wide range of treatments. The dentists perform complete examinations and recommend top procedure options (dental implants, crowns, root canal, veneers, fillings) to get your dental health and your smile back on track.

Wong and Sim Dental Surgery is located in Periaran Bayan Indah Bayan Lepas George Town, Penang. The clinic is headed by Dr. Kenneth Wong who completed his Masters of Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry from the University of Manchester, UK. He is certified by the American Association of Implant Dentistry (AAID). His experience in the international setting exposed him to various procedures ranging from Preventive Care to specialized treatments such as Restorative Dentistry (crowns, bridges, dental implants, dentures, and veneers). Wong and Sim Dental Surgery provides personalized care in safe, comfortable, and modern environment.

Family Dental Clinic is strategically located in Bandar Tanjong Tokong, Penang. It offers long-term dental solutions in a friendly environment. The team is composed of caring dentists who are dedicated to providing exceptional dental service.

Loh Dental Penang and LH Chong Dental Surgery also provide treatments at lower prices. Lim and Nyu Dental Surgery is located in Bayan Bay, Bayan Lepas in George Town, which is near Penang International Airport and QueensBay Mall. Loh Dental Penang is in Jalan Perak, George Town, Penang. Yap Dental Surgery was established in 1972 and rebranded as LH Chong Dental Surgery in 2015. These clinics offer a variety of treatments such as General Dentistry and Restorative Treatments including Cosmetic Dentistry like laser teeth whitening, fillings, veneers, crowns, and dentures.

The cost of treatment in Penang is affordable. In fact, it’s lower than in Australia. Take a look at the price of comparison of dental services in Penang and Australia:


Price in Penang

Price in Australia

Mouth restorations

AUD $5,007

AUD $33,910

Dental Crowns

AUD $176

AUD $1,505

Dental Fillings

AUD $22

AUD $202

Dental Implants

AUD $1,502

AUD $5,098

Dental Veneers

AUD $243

AUD $1623


AUD $223

AUD $2378

Root Canals

AUD $71

AUD $1,660

Teeth Whitening

AUD $185

AUD $870

Your trip to Malaysia is worthwhile if you combine it with oral care. Get top dental work at our Penang clinics at a substantially lower price. Dental Departures call help you find a certified dentist.

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