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If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, combine your vacation with oral care in Puerto Vallarta. This popular beach resort is surrounded with clinics offering top quality dentistry. Puerto Vallarta, also known as PV, is a great place to relax while on a dental holiday. Clinics in PV offer exceptional oral care at a reasonable price. Read on and know more about excellent dentistry practices in Puerto Vallarta.

What are the types of dental services available in Puerto Vallarta?

The dental services offered in the US are also available in Puerto Vallarta. Clinics in PV provide General Dentistry to specialized treatments such as Endodontics, Children’s Dentistry, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Restorative Dentistry, and Cosmetic Dentistry.

General dentistry keeps your oral health in tiptop shape using preventive treatments such as teeth cleaning and fillings. Endodontics, also known as Root Canal Treatment, repairs decayed teeth. Children’s dentistry maintains kids and teenagers teeth with sealants, fluoride, and other anti-cavity treatments. Periodontics focuses on the diagnoses, prevention, and treatment of gum diseases.

The dental clinics provide Orthodontic treatment such as braces, clear aligners (Invisalign), and retainers. They also offer treatment for temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ or TMD). Oral surgery such as extractions, surgical removable of impacted teeth, dental implants, and bone graft are carried out in PV clinics. They also improve your teeth with Restorative Treatments such as crowns, bridges, dentures, veneers, inlays, onlays, laser teeth whitening, and dental implants.

How much is the cost of treatment in Puerto Vallarta?

The cost of treatment in Puerto Vallarta is lower compared to your home country. Take a look at the price comparison below.

Price in


Puerto Vallarta



UKAll-on-4® treatment concept

All-on-4® treatment concept

USD $5,000

USD $26,000

CAD$ 33,431


Dental Crowns

USD $179

USD $1,164



Dental Fillings

USD $37

USD $155



Dental Implants

USD $896

USD $3,913



Dental Veneers

USD $344

USD $1,245




USD $219

USD $1,826



Root Canals

USD $212

USD $1,275



Teeth Whitening

USD $149

USD $668



Where’s the best place to get an oral care in Puerto Vallarta?

The top dental clinics in Puerto Vallarta listed by Dental Departures are the following:

  • Odontoklinik is a full service dental clinic that has a built-in laboratory that process restorations such as veneers, crowns, and bridges. Highly qualified dentists provide Oral Surgery, Root Canals, Gum Treatment, Cosmetic Dentistry, and other treatments.
  • PV Smile is a boutique dental clinic that specializes in Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry such as crowns, bridge, dental implants, including Smile Design. It also offers Sedation Dentistry to help patients to feel relaxed during treatment. The clinic is handled by a dentist who has been practicing dentistry for more than 30 years.
  • Integral Dental Service -Dra. Lety Armas - Puerto Vallarta has a team of well-experienced dentists providing first-class treatments such as Oral Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology in dentistry.
  • Smile Vallarta clinic provides General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry that includes veneers, crowns, and teeth whitening. It also offers dental emergency services.
  • International Dental Center PV is a premier dental clinic offering a comprehensive range of treatments such as Root Canals, Oral Surgery, and Cosmetic Dentistry.

If you need top quality dentistry, Puerto Vallarta dental clinics can restore your smile at an affordable price. Book an appointment with Dental Departures.

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