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There are plenty of top root canal dentists in Cancun, Mexico’s popular tourist spot, so why pay more than you have to?

Avoid paying potentially thousands on your root canal in the US with this quick Dental Departures guide. 

When Is a Root Canal Required?

Many people are first aware they need a root canal if they visit a dentist with pain, swelling and sometimes an infection oozing from the gum around an infected tooth. Others experience no pain or discomfort whatsoever, but a routine visit to the dentist has revealed that a root canal is indicated.

If it has been confirmed you need a root canal, your only option is to get the procedure as soon as you can. Why? Because you will lose the tooth sooner or later, or the recurrent, painful infections make it unbearable. Or, your tooth may crumble, break away and will go beyond the state of repair, which means you will need to remove what is left of it anyway.

Is the Root Canal Procedure Painful? What Does it Entail?

It is an urban myth that it is painful. Sure—most dental procedures are not particularly pleasant. However, apart from the fact it takes longer, you will experience no more discomfort than you would with a tooth filling.

The treatment will require two or three visits to the dentist. The first is the root canal procedure, which may take a couple of hours depending on how many root canals your tooth has. Potentially, it could be up to six if it’s a back tooth, but only one for a canine or front tooth. At the end of the procedure, once your dentist has removed all the nerves and infected soft tissue from the center of the tooth, the resulting empty cavity is filled with a temporary filling.

After a few days, you will return to the dentist, who will remove the temporary filling and check the cavity is clear and infection-free. If it is, a permanent filling is placed and the procedure finished. However, if the structure of the tooth has been weakened because a large amount of decay was removed, you may need a crown to strengthen it. Your tooth will be filed down to receive the crown and impressions taken to send to the lab where it is made to fit. You will need to return to have it fitted.

If your dentist has CAD/CAM technology, the crown is designed on a computer in your dentist’s office, using scans rather than mess impressions. If you and the dentist are pleased with the design, the computer sends the images to an onsite laboratory and the crown is made while you wait. Consequently, you can have it fitted on the same day.


What is the Price of a Root Canal in Cancun?

The root canal price in Cancun is low, compared to home:


US $


UK £



NZ $

Root Canal Price – Home







Root Canal Price – Cancun







As are dental crowns:


US $


UK £



NZ $

Crowns Price – Home







Crowns Price – Cancun







Can you Recommend A Good Clinic for Crowns in Cancun?

Dental Departures has partnered with dozens of clinics in Cancun that can provide you with excellent services:

The Bottom Line

It is worthwhile saving your tooth, so take advantage of the low prices at our top root canal dentists in Cancun and book an appointment online, or talk to our Customer Care Team if you want further information.


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