A Guide to Affordable Teeth Whitening in Istanbul


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Istanbul, Turkey's most-visited city, has fast become a hotspot for dental care, with people from across Europe, particularly the UK, flocking here for all manner of treatments.

Read on to discover why thousands of patients are having their teeth whitened while in Istanbul.

Istanbul: One of the World's Top Tourist Spots

Istanbul bestrides two of the world’s major continents, taking in both Asia and Europe. This strategic location has made it important for millennia, and as such Istanbul is visited by tourists from all over the world thanks to its rich variety of diverse cultural and architectural heritage.

This popular city also has some gorgeous nearby beaches, a variety of shopping centres, and many fresh seafood restaurants making the four-hour flight time from the UK well worth it.

Holidaymakers can also enjoy more than the normal visitor attractions in Turkey, as dental treatment here is both excellent and affordable. The clinics in Turkey listed by Dental Departures all cater to international patients, and many offer dental tourism packages including hotel discounts, accommodation package, and transport service. Visiting a clinic that offers some of these special services will reduce your overall travel expenses during a trip.


Top Clinics in Istanbul are Modern, Clean and Affordable

The dental clinics in Istanbul we have listed on our site are state-of-the-art and comfortable, equipped with the latest dental technology, such as digital x-rays, lasers, and sterilization units. Some clinics in Istanbul have invested in hi-tech dental laboratories to provide the best possible services and same-day procedures.

Check out some of our verified clinics in Istanbul below:

If you want to know more about the treatment you will receive in Istanbul from those with first-hand experience, check out the reviews on Dental Departures about teeth whitening, before and after pictures, Istanbul top clinics, cost, and other details.

How Much Can I Save on Teeth Whitening in Istanbul?

Teeth whitening in Istanbul is less expensive than at home, and the affordability of treatment in Istanbul is attracting holidaymakers who want to save on dental care. The table below shows a price comparison of laser teeth whitening:








Price in Istanbul







Price in Home Country







Please note that these are estimates at the time of writing. 

Booking Your Appointment

Check our listed clinics to compare the cost of teeth whitening, scan reviews of Istanbul’s top clinics, as well as all the information you need about the treatment. Choose a clinic that is best for you and book your free appointment with the help of our Customer Service Team.


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