Turkey's Istanbul Is a Safe Bet for Affordable Dentures Abroad


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To save on your dental bills when getting new dentures, book in with one of our quality-checked dentists in Istanbul and get to enjoy a welcome break in the Turkish sun in between appointments. 

This quick review lists some of the best clinics in Turkey's most-visited city, as well as a price comparison - so you can see how much you'll save compared to undergoing treatment back home. 

What to Know About Getting Dentures in Istanbul

Our verified partner clinics in Istanbul provide affordable treatments without compromising the quality. In fact, they use top quality materials in creating dentures. Just like at home, you can receive full or partial dentures:

  • Partial dentures are used when there are existing teeth; these custom-made removable plates hold one or more replacement teeth colour-matched to your remaining teeth.
  • Full dentures, on the other hand, are used to replace all of the missing teeth in the upper and lower jaws.

In processing dentures, there is also the choice between conventional and immediate dentures:

  • Conventional dentures are processed 8 to 12 weeks after the healing period following tooth extraction.
  • Immediate dentures are created in advance and can be worn right after extraction.

It should be noted that the gums and jaw bone tend to shrink following the healing period. This may necessitate further adjustments so that the denture fits properly, which is why it is why a temporary denture is generally used initially. 

The dentures you receive in Istanbul will be made of the same high-quality materials as they would be back home (i.e. acrylic, metal, and a flexible frame).

Your dentist in Istanbul will determine which type of material is best for you upon arrival. You will also undergo a complete oral examination and assessment of your dental/medical condition. The dentist will also discuss the process, cost, and other details during your consultation. 


How Much Can I Save on Dentures in Istanbul?

Dentures Cost: Istanbul vs. other countries








Price in Turkey

GBP 758

EUR 905

USD $971

CAD $1,311

AUD $1,287

NZD $1,381


GBP 1,405

EUR 1,678

USD $1,800

CAD $2,430

AUD $2,386

NZD $2,560

Please note that these are estimates at the time of writing. Total costs will depend on the types of dentures and complexity of treatment. 

Dental Clinics in Istanbul

Dental Departures performs a range of background checks on all of the clinics listed on our site, such as onsite visits, verification of the dentists’ qualifications, and their professional memberships.

Get started now by checking out these top clinics in Istanbul for dentures:

As well as dentures, the clinics listed above also provide a wide variety of other treatment options such as dental implants, porcelain fillings, crowns, veneers, root canal therapy, gingivoplasty, laser teeth whitening and other common procedures.

The clinics are staffed with specialists in fields like oral surgery, gum treatment, and orthodontics who use the latest in dental technology, such as state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment

Getting Started with Dental Departures

Istanbul provides holidaymakers with a reliable option for affordable dentures. Check out our clinic profiles, read the dentures reviews and book your free appointment through our site. You can also set an appointment with the help of our Customer Care Team who can be reached via phone, email or online chat.


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