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Vietnam is an excellent dental tourism location. Ho Chi Minh City dentist prices are extremely affordable, which is what attracts so many international patients.

Which Clinics Are Exemplary?

There are many clinics in Ho Chi Minh City. You want to select one that is well priced, without any drop in quality and safety. Highly recommended and background checked clinics are:

All these clinics have dentists trained to international standards, with extensive experience and excellent reputations within their fields. You will find that a visit to one is just like seeing your local dentist.

You will also find that these clinics are extremely modern and spacious. They are equipped only with the latest dental technology, and you are likely to get the feeling that you are in a state of the art environment.


What Are The Prices?

Have a look at a price comparison below to see an approximation of how much you can save.

Dental Procedure

Price in Australia (AUD)

Price in Ho Chi Minh City (AUD)

3D X-ray



Surgical/Impacted Extraction



Large Bone Graft



Root Canal Treatment



All-on-4® treatment concept by Nobel Biocare



Dental Procedure

Price in New Zealand (NZD)

Price in Ho Chi Minh City (NZD)

3D x-ray



Surgical/Impacted Extraction



Large Bone Graft



Root Canal Treatment



Full-arch implants



As you can see savings can be up to 80%. If you require multiple procedures or expensive implants, then you can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars. This is why so many people are traveling to Vietnam for dentistry.

Do I Get What I Pay For?

You may be concerned that there must be a catch to these low prices, however, this is certainly not the case. Vietnam merely has a lower cost of living than many countries, including Australia and New Zealand. You will find that food, accommodation, and many other things are very cheap there without compromising on quality. The same is true for dental treatment, as long as you visit a high-quality clinic.

Have A Free Holiday!

Depending on the dental treatment you require, you are likely to be able to save so much that your trip to Ho Chi Minh City is essentially free. You can enjoy the sights, eat some amazing Vietnamese cuisine, and relax in a nice hotel, without having to worry about the prices.

Getting There.

Ho Chi Minh City is a relatively inexpensive flight from Australia and New Zealand. Many airlines offer regular discounts, so shop around for the best details. Entry letters (required for a visa on arrival) can be obtained online with ease. Upon arrival at the airport, it is a $10 and 30min taxi ride to most accommodation options.

So don't wait any longer to experience Ho Chi Minh City dentist prices. You will be able to save so much compared to getting the same procedures done back home.

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