Where Can I Find an All-On-Six Implant Procedure in Chiang Mai?


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An All-on-Six is one of the most expensive dental treatments in Australia and New Zealand, but the same procedure in Chiang Mai costs significantly less than Down Under.

Thailand’s second city is home to a number of affordable dental clinics that offer All-on-Six dental implants. Chiang Mai is a popular dental tourism destination that offers high-quality care with no hassle. One of Thailand’s most popular leisure tourism destinations, the city also has excellent accommodation options, little traffic and offers amazing food.

Select a Clinic on Dental Departures

The first step in planning a trip to Chiang Mai for All-on-Six implants is selecting the right clinic. Dental Departures contains a profile for each clinic in Chiang Mai, including information about pricing, available treatments, the technology they use, and the dentists working there.

The renowned clinics in Chiang Mai also keep prices low, as shown in the comparison table below. Note that treatment in Australia and New Zealand costs AUD $38,416 or NZD $41,484):


All-on-Six Price in AUD

All-on-Six Price in NZD

Dental 4 You

AUD $13,870

NZD $14,998

Kitcha Dental Clinic

AUD $24,476

NZD $26,466

GrandDent Dental Clinic

AUD $16,655

NZD $18,009


What to Expect

Chiang Mai dental clinics offer a high level of clinical quality as well as the famous Thai hospitality. All the staff at the clinics are bilingual and will make you feel comfortable. The procedure itself will require two visits: the first involves preparation and the second installation of the implants. These should be at least three months apart so make sure you budget for two trips.

Getting Started

You should consult your surgeon before your stay in Chiang Mai to ensure you understand what is required and can plan adequate preparation and recovery time. When you are ready, you can conveniently schedule your appointment with us online, or for more information, please contact the Medical Departures Customer Care Team. We look forward to hearing from you:


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