Where Can I Go for Emergency Teeth Fillings in Mexico City?


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In Mexico and in need of emergency fillings?

Mexico City, the capital, offers superb value for money on a range of important dental work performed by experienced, skilled dentists who are specialists in their respective fields. 

No matter where you are, accidents do happen, so, just in case you are in need of emergency dental care in Mexico, we’ve prepared a list of reliable  dental clinics in Mexico City for emergency teeth fillings

Go-to Dental Clinics Recommended by Dental Departures:

For your emergency dental work, including teeth fillings, choose from these top-rated Dental Departures clinics that have all been background-checked by our team in Mexico City. 

We’ve researched all of the above-listed options, including their doctors and staff, meticulously examining their facilities and utilities, and ensuring they follow proper hygiene protocols, such as dentistry standards published by the ISO.

When it comes to a fast and secure teeth filling, these clinics are the clinics for you.


What Are Fillings - And Why Do I Need Them?

In case you have a chipped molar, or a worn out tooth due to decay, teeth fillings are the answer to those problems.

Teeth fillings restore anatomy of a damaged or decayed tooth. Fillings are a necessity to prevent bacteria from festering into these holes and chips, causing an infection.

To prevent this, holes are filled in with certain materials - and this actually defines what kind of fillings you are getting; they may be either direct or indirect.

Direct fillings are placed directly onto the tooth and can be made from:

  • Amalgam (silver fillings)

  • Composite resin

  • Resin Ionomer

  • Glass Ionomer

Indirect fillings are created in dental laboratories before they are cemented into the tooth. These can be made from:

  • Ceramic

  • Gold alloy

  • Base metal alloy

Affordability of Emergency Dental Care in Mexico City

Mexico City is one of a number of destinations in Mexico that has become known for offering both affordability and high-quality dental services, often costing around 70% less than back home.

For emergency dental care, check out the price comparison table below:


$201.00 VERSUS $76.00. Saving US $125.00


$262.00 VERSUS $98.00. Saving AUD $164.00


$258.00 VERSUS $96.00. Saving CAN $162.00

[Please note that these are estimated prices at the time of writing. See our individual clinic listings for latest prices.]

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