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From a much better appearance to improved speech to higher self-esteem, the benefits of dental implants are many. However, dental implants in the US and Canada can cost you a pretty penny. Bogota, Columbia is an excellent destination for avoiding the pricey dental implants. All you have to do is find out where to find inexpensive dental implants in Bogota . We can help you with that.

The Top Dental Clinics in Bogota

Before we get into the prices, let’s list the top clinics for dental implants Bogota. These are:

So if you were wondering where to find inexpensive dental implants in Bogota, we’ve made it easier for you to find the best. All of these above dental clinics offer the best combination of low prices and high quality. How much money can you save on dental implants in Bogota? Let’s look at the price comparison. 

Prices of Dental Implants in Bogota

Numbers don’t lie. Here’s the price comparison of dental implants in Bogota with the prices in US and Canada:

Price of dental implants in the US: USD $3,913

Price of dental implants in Canada: CAD $5,026

Price of dental implants in Bogota: USD $1,950 and CAD $2,495


This means you’re saving around 50% on average by getting the dental implants in this Columbian city instead of visiting your local dentist. With these amazing savings you can even take a loved one along with you on your dental vacation. The small holiday will cost the same, or even less than, as the treatment at a local dentist. So you get a nice holiday for free!



The Reason for Bogota’s Low Dental Implant Prices

You might be wondering why the prices are so low. Is it because the quality of services is low? Are the dentists somehow less qualified or experienced? These are all rational questions that you must ask before getting dental implants in a foreign country. Thankfully, you need not be afraid of the answers to these questions.

The prices are low in Bogota mainly because the cost of running a dental clinic is much lower there as compared to the US or Canada. Moreover, the cost of living is lower. Plus, there is a healthy competition among the top clinics in dental tourism cities like Bogota that also keeps prices in check. In any case, you get the best quality of dental services. 

And this is typical of the top dental tourist destinations across the world. From the US to Australia, millions of people are frustrated by the sky high prices of dental procedures in their home countries. Thanks to cities like Bogota, they have an alternative. You have an alternative. 

Now that you know where to find inexpensive dental implants in Bogota, feel free to contact the clinics listed above. Get multiple quotes and compare to see where you’re getting the best value on the implants.

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