Where to Find Inexpensive Dental Implants in Pattaya


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The average cost of dental implants in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $5,098 (NZD $5,238). On the other hand, you can get inexpensive implants overseas, for instance, in Thailand. The average price of implants in Pattaya, Thailand is around AUD $2,396 (NZD $2,596). While this sounds great, do you know where to find inexpensive dental implants in Pattaya? If not, planning your dental trip overseas might be a bit of a hassle.

The first step towards figuring out where to find inexpensive dental implants in Pattaya is checking out Dental Departures. The website provides details of the top dental clinics in Pattaya, where you can easily compare the differences according to price, location, etc. Only then can you determine where to find inexpensive dental implants in Pattaya. To make your life easier, here is an overview of the top dental clinics in Pattaya where you can get inexpensive dental implants:

The Dental Design Center

This dental clinic offers a wide range of dental services, ranging from general to cosmetic dentistry. The low cost of the treatments they offer means you can easily opt for multiple treatments on a single trip. The Dental Design Center charges AUD $2,088 (NZD $2,262) for dental implants. Their dentists are highly experienced and the staff fluent in English, ensuring you will have no issues with communication.


OrthoSmile Dental Clinic

This dental facility offers a comfortable ambiance and environment for their patients to ensure they have complete peace of mind. At the OrthoSmile Dental Clinic, the cost of dental implants is around AUD $1,898 (NZD $2,056).

Dente Smile Clinic

This dental clinic is different than the rest. Here, you will receive personalized care and the dentists will come up with a treatment plan customized to suit your needs. They follow this methodology regardless of the treatment you opt for. The Dente Smile Clinic charges AUD $1,708 (NZD $1,850) for dental implants.

Pattaya International Dental Center

The mission of PIDC is to offer world-class dental care at low prices. They invest heavily in cutting-edge dental technology and hire the most experienced and qualified dentists in Pattaya. Despite the high quality of their treatments and services, they charge low prices for all dental treatments.

Samitivej Sriracha Hospital (Dental)

Samitivej Sriracha enjoys a spotless reputation. The clinic has been around for many years and received certifications and awards from different organizations. You get a wide range of dental services to choose from at the Samitivej Sriracha Hospital (Dental). Their facilities are outstanding, complete with the latest dental technology. The price of dental implants at this clinic starts from AUD $3,606 (NZD $3,906).

Hopefully, this list offers you the information you need to select a dental clinic in Pattaya for inexpensive implants. Using this data, you can answer the question, where to find inexpensive dental implants in Pattaya, and start planning your dental holiday in Thailand.

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