Where to Find Inexpensive Dental Implants in Saigon


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With the required infrastructure and amenities to cater to international patients, particularly from Australia and New Zealand. A major reason why people fly to Saigon for dental work is the low cost. However, how do you figure out where to find inexpensive dental implants in Saigon?

Visit Dental Departures to Find a List of Clinics

The first step you can follow is to go online and search for the top clinics in Saigon. You can do your research on Dental Departures. The website provides pricing and other information for the top dental clinics in Saigon. You simply have to search for the treatment and location and you will get the results you need. Once you have a list of clinics, you can get a rough idea of where to find inexpensive dental implants in Saigon. Of course, you need to compare the clinics further, to determine which one is the best.

Read Online Reviews

This is where online reviews can help. Check what past patients say about the facility and the quality of their treatments, particularly dental implants. Keep in mind that you don’t actually have to worry about the price here. The cost of dental implants in Saigon, on average, is around AUD $1,450 (NZD $1,570). On the other hand, in Australia and New Zealand, the average cost is around AUD $5,098 (NZD $5,238). You can enjoy 70% savings by flying to Saigon to get the implants.


The Top Clinics

You may have to invest a considerable amount of time and effort into searching for the best dental clinics in Saigon. Without the necessary effort, you will not be able to learn where to find inexpensive dental implants in Saigon. However, to make things easier for you, here is an overview of the top dental clinics in Saigon:

Rose Dental Clinic

The cost of dental implants at this clinic starts from AUD $882 (NZD $956). The Rose Dental Clinic is known for providing high-quality dental treatments at low rates, offering savings of over 70% on average.

Elite Dental Vietnam

You can conveniently opt for multiple treatments at this dental clinic, given the wide variety of services they offer. The cost of dental implants at Elite Dental Vietnam is around AUD $1,135 (NZD $1,230).

Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital

With over two decades of experience, this dental clinic is among the best in Vietnam. Founded and run by Dr. Do Dinh Hung, the

Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital

offers a comfortable environment for patients so they can get dental treatments in peace. The price of implants here is AUD $1,135 (NZD $1,230).

A couple of other dental clinics that you should check out include:

With all this information at hand, figuring out where to find inexpensive dental implants in Saigon will not be a challenge.

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