Where to find inexpensive Dental Implants in The Philippines


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To get a dental implant in the Philippines is much more affordable than in most other countries. You may wonder where to find inexpensive Dental Implants in the Philippines ? 7017 islands in this paradise mean that patients are offered a wide choice of dental clinics. “It’s more fun in the Philippines” is a slogan that describes this country best.

Situated in South East Asia the country is close to Australia, New Zealand and other Asia countries. Patients can enjoy a wide variety of activities from volcano’s , white sandy beaches and even a pink sandy beach. In general patients can enjoy a safe and relaxing experience visiting a number of historic buildings dating back to both the Spanish and American era in the country.

Dental implants are generally performed as a three-part process. First is the implant that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. Part two is the placement of the abutment or post to which the crown will be attached. Final step in the procedure is fitting the crown (false tooth or teeth). Patients are normally required to wait for three to twelve months for osseointegration to take place. This is simply when the implant has fused with the jawbone and a firm base is created.

Dental Departures is a company with a mission to ensure that patients get the best treatments when travelling to a foreign country. We do intensive checks and verify the credentials of the dentists and clinics before we recommend a facility to international patients. For more peace of mind we offer patients a No Worries warranty at certain clinics, offer additional insurance (small fee may apply) and provide medical finance if required.

Among the top 5 clinics that met our stringent requirements are the following:

1. Sacred Heart Dental Clinic is a 5-star clinic located in Caloocan.

· Dental Implants

· Bone graft

  • Crowns

· Composite Filling

2. Bonifacio Dental Center is based in Angeles City.

· Composite Filling

· Porcelain Veneer

· Root Canal

· Dental Implants

3. Pampanga is home to the Smile MakeOver Dental & Aesthetic Center .

· Deep Cleaning, Scaling & Root Planing

· Dental Implants

· Clear Braces

· Root canal

4. The dental office of Smile More Dental Clinic is in Metro Manila.

· Extraction (surgical or impacted)

· Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown

· Implant Procedures

· Root Canal

5. Tooth & Go Dental clinic is located in Manila.

• Orthodontics

• Dental Implants

• Crowns

• Regular Teeth Cleaning

All of these dental clinics that Dental Departures recommends offer their respective services at very affordable prices. These low-cost procedures do not compromise the great quality of its results. Here is a sample price for comparison with other countries.







$ 5,098.00

$ 5,238.00

$ 3,913.00


$ 2,356.00

$ 2,551.00

$ 1,854.00







The above will surely answer the question, “where to find inexpensive dental implants in Philippines?” Book for an appointment with a Filipino dentist for your dental implants and enjoy saving on your dental care while taking your holiday in this fantastic place. We are here for you and remember! “It’s more fun in the Philippines”!


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