Why Bangkok is a Great Choice for Dental Implants


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Thousands of people in Australia and New Zealand have learned they can get affordable dental implants in Bangkok . They’re happy to travel there for the implants since they cost a lot in their hometown Down Under. Is price the only reason why Bangkok is a great choice for dental implants? No, there are other reasons as well. Let’s check them out.

High Quality Clinics

Despite the lower prices (more on that later), Bangkok clinics are on the level. While there may be some dental places that are not up to the mark, there’s no dearth of world-class dental clinics. This is very important because people don’t want to compromise on their dental health just to save money. This is a key reason why Bangkok is such a popular dental tourist destination in the region, attracting people from Australia and New Zealand, among other countries.

It’s Easy to Find the Most Suitable Clinic

On one hand you can be totally clueless and don’t know about any good clinics. On the other hand, you can suffer from analysis paralysis where you’re faced with so many options that it becomes difficult to choose one. Medical Departures helps you avoid both these scenarios.

Our team conducts a thorough screening process for adding clinics on our portal. This means you’re always looking at the best clinics with us. And you don’t have to be confused as you can read reliable and useful information about the clinics on our site. To further simplify things for you, you can choose from 3 of the names that stand out for high quality yet affordable dental implants in Bangkok:

· Bangkok International Dental Center ( BIDC )

Feel free to contact these clinics and ask any questions you have in mind about your dental implant needs.

Low Dental Implants Cost – Bangkok

As mentioned earlier, people get dental implants in Bangkok because they’re cheaper there. How much can you save on the implants? Check out the cost comparison based on average prices:

Dental implants cost in Australia: AUD $5,098

Dental implants cost in New Zealand: NZD $5,238

Dental implants cost in Bangkok: AUD $2,414, NZD $2,643

Is it worth to fly out to Bangkok for the implants? It is, if you combine it with a vacation so you don’t have to spend extra money on traveling to a holiday destination. This brings us to the next reason why Bangkok is a great choice for dental implants.

A Nice Holiday

Not only does Bangkok offer you quality dental implants at lower price, it also offers you the chance to enjoy a nice vacation. You can even travel to other cities in Thailand from Bangkok to enjoy a memorable holiday. So when you return home you not only have new dental implants, but amazing memories of a great vacation.

So, are you thinking about getting affordable dental implants in Bangkok? Feel free to contact the clinics listed above and plan your dental holiday in Bangkok.


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