Why Sun-Seeking Travelers Get Their Cavities Filled in Phuket


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If you want to combine top-notch dental treatment with a rejuvenating holiday, let Dental Departures find and reserve a dentist in Phuket. With savings of around 70% compared to what you would pay at home, isn’t it time we put a smile back on your face? 

Why Visit Phuket for Cavity Fillings? 

One of the ultimate holiday destinations, Phuket combines stunning scenery, luxury hotels and sophistication with modern dental facilities. Rest assured of high-quality care, cutting-edge dental techniques and state of the art diagnostic equipment. 

Although Teeth fillings cost Phuket prices are significantly reduced, there is no compromise when it comes to the high standards of treatment. 

For cavity fillings , this is precisely the same. Say goodbye to those unattractive silver fillings and hello to gleaming tooth-colored (composite) fillings. These will match perfectly to your current teeth. Fillings are completed in just one session depending on the number required. Safety is paramount and all our approved clinics use techniques to ensure this is met accordingly.

Finding the Best Clinics in Phuket 

High-quality dental care treatment is just a click away. Check out our fully accredited reviews, view our clinic photos or browse our site for the best dental clinics in Bangkok. 

A few of our highly rated venues include DDS Dental Clinic, Pearl Dental Clinic , considered to be among the best in Phuket and close to the golden shorelines. Dent Central Clinic , popular among our patients, offers a range of specialist dental services. 

How Much is Cavity Treatment in Phuket? 

We provide you an extensive selection of world class dental clinics in Phuket where patients can enjoy reductions of up to 75% compared to home. The cavity fillings price for Phuket can be found below: 

Treatment in Australia - 202 AUD

Treatment in New Zealand - 207 NZD 

Average price in Phuket - $38 

Why Phuket? 

Based in Southern Thailand, Phuket is its largest island, bordered by the Andaman Sea. You can explore the array of shrines and artifacts stepped in Chinese influences, or head to one of the magnificent surrounding islands, including Patong, Karon, Kamala, Kata Noi and Mai Khao. Head to Laem Phromthep Viewpoint where you can enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets across Thailand. 

If you are more of a night owl, the nightlife in Phuket will not disappoint. Patong provides a wealth of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The beach scene is undergoing a revival, largely thanks to numerous plush hotels springing up on the numerous golden coastlines. Other places of interest include the limestone cliffs of Phang Nga Bay and the majestic islands of Phi Phi with its shimmering white beaches. 

Lodging in Phuket 

Patients will find plenty of options for accommodation in Phuket . From five-star beachfront hotels to modern apartments, villas and hostels, you will find a broad choice to suit any discerning traveller. Patong Beach is a popular resort, where the majority of Phuket’s dental clinics are located. If you are looking for something more tranquil, Kammala Beach or Karon Beach are ideal alternatives.


How Can I Arrange Cavity Treatment in Phuket? 

Working in close conjunction with the the best Phuket dentists , Dental Departures can assist in choosing the correct dental treatment. Hundreds of patients have already visited one of our dedicated Phuket dentists with impressive results. 

Search our listings, view our approved reviews or contact our Customer Care Team for details about dental tourism care in Phuket.

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