Why Travel Abroad For Low Cost Dentistry?


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Cheap dentistry is, for the majority of the populations of North America, the UK & Eire and Oceania, not a term that is used often when referring to dental services at home. If it is used it conjures up images of grimy, back-street dentists who are ill-equipped and ill-trained to do a good job.

However, obtaining affordable dentistry abroad is generally far-removed from poor-quality services and it is not just because of the price that people are traveling abroad for their dental work as there are a number of other benefits:

1. To have a holiday

It might not be how you envisage spending a holiday, but if the choice is between no holiday and saving your teeth, or having a holiday and saving your teeth, which one is the most likely winner?

Strange as it may seem, some patients have actually found the whole experience is much less of a hassle than having to rush back to work half-sedated. More are finding that turning the experience into a vacation takes their mind off the impending treatment, with the New York Times reporting that some patients are going so far as to organize the whole family vacation around their dental care. 

With Dental Departures, you can choose from dentists all over the world – and find the perfect location for the type of holiday or break that you want, at a price you can afford to pay.

2. The Cost

Ultimately, this is the primary reason why most people decide to travel abroad because they can get substantially cheaper dental care than they can at home. Cost savings can run into tens of thousands, and while not everyone will save a huge amount like this, the majority usually saves enough to pay for their treatment and a holiday.

Depending on where you go, and what treatment you are having, many of our clinics often have other free benefits that reduce the overall bill substantially. For example, free initial consultations or x-rays are fairly widespread, but in some cases free accommodation and even reimbursement of air fares is offered by some clinics.

Cheap dentistry abroad usually carries with it a host of extras that patients do not get at home, such as hotel transfers, airport transfers and guarantees or warranties on the work carried out.

3. Choice

There are a variety of locations available throughout the world. For US and Canadian patients Mexico and Costa Rica are convenient. Both have locations that are suited for beach holidays and Mexico is particularly suitable for day-trippers with clinics based all along the US-Mexico border in towns such as Tijuana, Algodones, Mexciali, Agua Prieta and Nuevo Progreso.

US visitors have been lured to these towns for many years for their convenient locations and cheap medical and dental facilities, but low-cost flights has made it possible to travel further distances to resorts such as Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, where prices are still considerably lower than at home.

Thailand and The Philippines are easily accessible for Australian and New Zealand residents, while those from the UK and Eire find it convenient to travel to Hungary, Poland, Croatia and Turkey. Many are finding that the experience they have by traveling abroad for their dental care far exceeds the treatment they have had at home.

4. High standards of care 

As dental tourism grows, more patients are traveling abroad which puts more money into the local economies of the countries they travel to. Furthermore, because dental tourism is a growing business in these countries more clinics are being built, and often they are built with the sole purpose of attracting more patients from overseas. In order to continue to attract patients, many dental clinics abroad are state-of-the-art facilities containing the most innovative and up-to-date equipment available.

They also employ staff who are highly skilled and who often have qualifications from recognized dental hospitals from countries such as the US, UK and Australia. For patients traveling from these countries, it offers a degree of certainty that their care will be on a par with treatment at home, making the decision to travel to a foreign country that little bit easier.

Cheap dentistry abroad is more available now than it has ever been and at Dental Departures we are pleased to be playing a small part in getting patients together with high-quality dentists and clinics throughout the world. Our website listings make it easy for anyone to choose the perfect location, dentist and price for their cheap dental work and to see other patient reviews and photos of the clinics to help them make their choice. 

Amanda Duffy

Amanda Duffy is an expert in the field of medical and dental tourism having written extensively on the subject for a number of years. She is currently a key figure on the editorial team at Medical and Dental Departures.
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