Why Turkey is Doing Roaring Trade in Affordable Dental Implants


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Your smile is a representation of the care and effort you invest in preserving your oral health. However, maintaining your smile can prove difficult with the ever-increasing costs of dental care in the UK. Even simple treatments can set you back a few thousand pounds, let alone complex treatments, which can be really expensive. Same is the case with dental implants. You are better off seeking affordable dental implants overseas, with Izmir in Turkey a great option. Moreover, the dental implants before and after pictures Izmir ’s top dentists share on Dental Departures makes it easier for you to make an informed decision.

In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that the information shared by the best dentists in Izmir about past patients and the services they offer is a reason why they are attracting more patients. You can check out all the dentists offering dental implants in Izmir, including their pricing information.

You will also find reviews from patients who have undergone the treatment before. Izmir’s most respected dentists don’t hesitate to share images to give prospective patients a better idea of the quality of the treatments on offer. But, are before and after images the only reason why Turkey is doing roaring business in affordable dental implants? The answer is no! There’s more to it than that.


A Significant Difference in Price

The main reason why people from across Europe and especially the UK are heading to Turkey for dental implants is the cost savings they can enjoy. The average cost of dental implants in the UK is £2,928 / €3,480. In Izmir, you can get the same procedure for around 70% less and that too without compromising on quality. The most renowned dental clinic in Izmir is the DENTAGLOBAL Dental Clinic .

The team of dentists at this clinic specializes in different branches of dentistry, offering you a wide range of treatments and services to choose from. They also invest in state-of-the-art dental technology to ensure you receive the treatment in a world-class facility. Despite this, the DENTAGLOBAL Dental Clinic charges only £882 / €1,000 for dental implants. You can maximize your savings by opting for the treatment when you are holidaying in Izmir.

Explore Izmir on Your Dental Holiday

Another great reason why people travel to Izmir for dental work is the location itself. The city offers you a number of great tourist destinations that you can check out when you are in Izmir. These include the Clock Tower in Konak, the Balcova Cable car ride, and the Izmir Wildlife Park. The money you save on the treatment will help offset at least a big part of the cost of travelling to and staying in Izmir, making it a win-win proposition for you.

You can check out the dental implants before and after pictures Izmir’s most popular dentists share on Dental Departures to get a clear idea that despite the difference in price, the quality of the treatment there is on par with the best clinics in the UK.

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