Why Visiting a Clinic for Teeth Whitening in Spain Makes Sense


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If you’re heading to the Med for your next holiday, don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy affordable dental services, such as tooth whitening. Spain , in particular, allows you to save a significant amount of money on a range of dental services. While you may need prior planning for major treatments, undergoing tooth whitening treatment is much simpler and completely risk-free when booking with us. Whether you are in Spain for work, holiday or just passing through, it could be a great idea to visit one of our recommended clinics and have your teeth whitened for less.

Save Money

This kind of treatment in the UK can cost anywhere between £400 going up to £ 1,000 at high-end places (averaging at around £500 (€594). The average prices of tooth whitening at Spain’s top dental clinics are listed below:


Why not benefit from the low tooth whitening cost Spain offers? While it may not make sense to travel to Spain specifically for this, getting it done while you are already there is a no brainer. All you need is a couple of hours free (perhaps making a nice break from the hot sun) and an appointment, which can be booked at no charge via our listed clinics above.

The Best Professionals to Get Your Pearly Whites Back

It feels amazing to flash your smile again with your beautiful “new” white teeth. While it is a simple procedure, tooth whitening can go wrong if handled unprofessionally . Spain is home to some of the bestl-equipped dental clinics and proficient dentists in Europe. Many have trained in the UK, Germany and the US. while spending only half the money on tooth whitening in Spain than in the UK, you really can get the best value for money. And since it is part of the European Union, Spanish dentists are also regulated by EU authorities.

Barcelona, Murcia and Marbella are some of the popular cities for getting your teeth whitening done. If you are wondering how to find a good clinic in Spain for the job, look no further than Dental Departures. Our listing is your gateway to the best dental clinics at top dental destinations abroad. This makes it easy for you to find the right dental team to deliver an effective tooth whitening solution.

All clinics on our site have been added after careful review, and you can compare the prices yourself. Since you will save money at any clinic you pick, we recommend going for the most convenient - for example, the one closest to your hotel. Some clinics also offer a hotel transfer service on request.

Is Tooth Whitening Right for You?

Tooth whitening is not the ideal solution for everyone. This is why you should first talk to your dentist before just having it done. The whiteners used in the process may not correct all kinds of tooth discoloration. For instance, if you have yellowing teeth, bleaching will work well . However, brown teeth may not get the right result, while grey teeth might not see any results from bleaching at all.

Furthermore, whitening does not work on every kind of veneer, fillings, crowns or caps. If your tooth discoloration is the result of a tooth injury or medication, teeth whitening may not work in these cases either. Having said that, for a lot of people, it is indeed the perfect solution. Factor in the potential to save a few hundred pounds while sunny Spain, and it’s easy to see why so many Brits and other Europeans are putting a visit to the dentist on their holiday itineraries.

Getting to the Clinic for Tooth Whitening in Spain

The local transport in Spain’s major cities is excellent with relatively low reasonable prices compared to European standards. A cross-town ride in a taxi will cost you €10-20 in a major city such as Barcelona. Spain’s train and bus network is among the best in Europe; there are few places that you cannot easily reach using the mass transit system.

Getting Started

With the affordable and effective tooth whitening Spain offers, you can return home not only with a tan but also a new smile (that you’ll want to show off to everybody). Feel free to read more about the clinics mentioned above and book your free appointment with Dental Departures today.


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