Why you should Consider Dental Implants in Costa Rica


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Costa Rica is a beautiful Central American country and an ecotourism paradise. You can zip line over canyons, explore museums and galleries or relax on a pristine beach. It's close, too. Flights to Costa Rica are as little as 3 hours from some American cities. There are also numerous options for those traveling from further afield.

While it's clear Costa Rica has a lot to offer, a vacation might not be within your budget. But what if it was free? What if you were traveling to Costa Rica to save money, instead of spending it? If you need dental implants or other high-cost dental procedures performed, it can be cheaper to travel to Costa Rica and get them done there, even if you factor in travel costs. You'll spend less money than you would have on the same procedure back home and get a free vacation to boot!

Quality Dentists, Quality Care


Dental surgery is a lot more affordable in Costa Rica. That doesn't mean it's any lower in quality. Many dentists and dental surgeons in Costa Rica have received training overseas. It's very common for dentists to travel to America for college and dental school. They're often members of the American Dental Association. Some travel to countries like Australia or England for schooling instead. Research your clinic of choice online to find out what certifications the dentists there possess. In general, high-quality Costa Rican dental clinics such as Prisma Dental , offer the exact same standard of care, and have the same modern technology, as most western clinics.

If Treatment Quality is the Same, why are Costs Lower?

The total cost of living (including rent) in Costa Rica is about 50% lower than many Western countries. This means that not only does your dental office pay less in rent, it also can pay hygienists, receptionists and other employees less while still providing them a high standard of living. These savings are passed on to you in the form of discounted treatment options, without any reduction in quality.

Do I really get a Free Vacation?

Traveling to Costa Rica for a simple cleaning won't save you enough to cover travel costs. When you start looking at more expensive procedures, however, you can often save thousands of dollars. This is why many people choose to get dental implants in Costa Rica .

Even if you don't need extensive work done, saving a few hundred dollars is a great excuse to visit Costa Rica. While it won't totally offset the cost of your travel, it's still a nice bonus you can enjoy as you visit a beautiful country.

Consider Costa Rica Today!

If you need expensive dental work performed, you can save money by getting it done in Costa Rica. When you choose a high-quality Costa Rican dental clinic like Prisma Dental , you'll get great care at a low cost. Plus, since you're in the area anyway, you can check out some tourist attractions and enjoy the beautiful Central American beach!

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