Why You Should Get Your Dental Crowns in Colombia


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Ever wondered what a summer in Colombia would be like? Well, now might be the best time to find out! And while you’re there, why don’t you take that opportunity to get the dental crowns you’ve been talking about anyway? From our dental crowns reviews in Colombia, we can definitely tell you this much: they are of great quality, they are affordable and… you get a vacation out of it! Here are the clinics that we recommend for your dental crowns in Colombia.

Work with Excellent Dental Clinics

Just as Colombia is known for its amazing coffee, it is also known to have great dental clinics all over the country. Whether you’re looking for dental implants, crowns and veneers or even oral surgery, Colombia has a dental clinic for you, and Dental Departures has already found that clinic! Yes, we do the work so you don’t have to.

Planning on spending some time in Risaralda, Pereira, then check out the Centro Odontologico Pinares. The clinic takes care of all the main aspects of your dental experience, including consultations before traveling and before your procedure, recovery on site, assistance on site, transfers on arrival and upon departure, accommodation on site, and assistance with planning your trip and activities on site.

Another great clinic is Dentica by Cristina Suaza, which we recommend if you are staying in Bogota. The clinic, headed by Dr. Suaza (maxillofacial surgeon by training), specializes in all aspects of general and aesthetic dentistry, including dental implants and crowns. Dr Suaza is bilingual (English, Spanish) and has received both local and international training and experience. She is also a member of several dental bodies and institutions.

Work with Top Rated Dentists

Behind every great clinic is a great dentist, and with Dental Departures, you certainly get the full package.

Other top-rated dentists that we work with include Dr. Julio Oliver Gonzalez, who is based in Cartagena. A graduate from the Veracruz University of Mexico and the University of Cartagena, Dr. Gonzalez specializes in implantology and endodontics; and works with a team of other dentists (prosthodontists, cosmetic dentists and oral surgeons) at his clinic. Dr. Carlos Guillen is another renowned dentist in Colombia, and he is based in Barranquilla.

Save Big on your Crown Prices

Certainly, cost and pricing have a huge role to play in deciding where to go for dental implants. Luckily, at our Colombian dental clinics, you get to save so much that it almost feels like you didn’t spend a thing.

At the Natural Design clinic for instance, dental crowns cost on average USD 400 (CAD 540; EUR 373; GBP 312; AUD 530; NZD 569), which is significantly cheaper than the prices in the USA and Canada: USD 1,000 (CAD 1,350; EUR 932; GBP 781; AUD 1,326; NZD 1,422).

If you want to make huge savings while getting your dental crowns, then check out our dental crowns reviews in Colombia. Working with Dental Departures guarantees you the best prices, the best dentists and definitely, the best experience, so get in touch to find out more about dental crowns with our Colombian dental clinics.


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