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approximately how much would it cost for a full upper and lower implants (entire mouth) providing I don't need bone grafting in mexico?

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Hello, thank you for your question. Pricing can vary greatly depending on the area in Mexico that you are considering visiting for your care. Additionally there are several different procedures that can be done when replacing all your teeth with implants and those vary as well. What procedure did your local dentist suggest. Overdentures or a Fixed Full Arch Bridge. Pricing per jaw will vary from $3,000 for 2 implant Overdenture to $11,000 for an All on 4 with Acrylic Bridge to $16,000 for an 8 Implant Support Porcelain Bridge. The best way for you to obtain an accurate estimate would be to email us current x-rays along with destination(s). Or let us know where you will be traveling from and we can suggest locations for you. Please feel free to email for more specific information.

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