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Are the overseas clinics technology up to standard?

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There is a common belief that overseas dentists use cheap, old technology. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many dental clinics abroad are modern and fitted with state­of­the­art gadgetry. It is not uncommon to find clinics fitted with, for instance, intra­oral cameras, digital panoramic x-­rays and the latest diagnostic equipment as standard.
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Deborah (1) Do you have accredited dental surgeons who do permanent (screw in) dentures; my friend needs this. If so, what is the cost & name/location of dentist? If she sends in recent panoramic x-rays, can you give a quote on the extensive work if permanent dentures are not available? (2) Do these dentists accept USA insurance? I am a Canadian who received an letter of $10,000.00 settlement from an American insurance company when my tooth broke off while eating a meal at a restaurant. Will they accept this compensation letter acknowledging this coverage? I need an implant (extraction will be done in Canada) and veneers. (3) Given the extensive work that needs to be done, do you have any packages where the hotel cost is covered by the dental clinic, as we may have to be there for at least a month.

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