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How long do implants take?

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Dental implants usually require two separate stages of treatment to complete with roughly 4­6 months in between. The first trip is for placement of the implants and temporaries (if temporaries are needed). You will need to go for three appointments. On the first appointment, the dentist will perform an initial examination and explain your options for treatment. The dentist will take panoramic X-­Rays of your mouth and sometimes perform a 3D CT scan to determine exact placement of the implant and the amount of available bone. The following appointment, the actual surgery is performed and the implant is surgically placed. Several days after the surgery, you will need to return for a follow up to see how you are healing and to provide you with a temporary tooth. First stage of implant placement: 3­10 days, depending on clinic visited. Then, you return home for about 4­6 months during which the implants integrate with your bone. (Similar to a fence post setting in cement). The second trip, the final crown is fitted and placed on the implant. The second visit should take 2­3 appointments. In the first appointment, the implant will be fitted with a small metal post, called an abutment, and the crown will be placed onto it. The dentist will then have you return several days later to see how the crown fits and how the site is healing. If necessary, the dentist can adjust the crown to allow for a more natural feeling bite. Please note that the dental implants would be paid for the first trip, and the abutments/crowns the second trip. Second stage, placement of permanent restorations: 4­12 days, depending on clinic visited. Please note that in order to be a candidate for implants, ideal bone condition is required, and should bone grafts and/or sinus lifts be required for implants placement, additional time may be required. Please note that ideal bone level is needed in order to support the implants, and if your bone level is too shallow or narrow, bone grafts may be required for implant placements. In­person oral examination and evaluation is needed to determine candidacy for implants and whether grafting is required for implants placement. <a href=''>You can find further information about implants here</a>.
Thomas Rinehart I would like to know the cost to replace my 2 or 3 month old four tooth upper partial with implants. I would like to have implants at 7 & 10 with a bridge replacing 7,8,9 & 10. #10 will require more bone graph proceedure as the one that was done only gives about 4mm which I've been told is to narrow. I would also like to have #14 replaced with an implant. It has had a bone graph already and is part of the partial I now have. Can you give me a close estimate as to the cost of these procedures and the time frame to complete them? Thank you, Tom
Rebecca Sanchez Hello I would like to know how much it would cost me to fix 4 missing teeth. I have 2 teeth missing on my upper teeth on both sides. I'm interested in a bridge . How many days would I need to be there for this procedure. Thanks in advance Rebecca

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