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How long does it take to complete a root canal treatment?

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To complete root canal treatment, the time period required mainly depends on the condition of the tooth and size of the infection. This can best be determined by evaluation upon your arrival. If the tooth is not too infected, the root canal can be done in as little as 1­2 appointments. Treatment times differ from case­to­case, and can be shorter if the tooth is not too inflamed or infected, and it can be longer if the inflammation/infection is severe. If the tooth is quite infected, antibiotics may need to be taken for several days before the treatment is begun to make sure there is no risk of cross­infection. It may be worthwhile for you to commence a course of antibiotics before you travel if you want to save time. In severe cases the treated tooth may need to be packed with antibiotics for several days before the tooth can be permanently filled or crowned. Once the infection is clear, the tooth can be filled or crowned, which can require several more days to complete.
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