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What are the disadvantages of implants supported full arch bridges?

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Not all patients are suitable for dental implant surgery. Elderly patients, in particular, are vulnerable to slow healing processes, which may render the implants unstable or susceptible to infection. Although with good oral hygiene and regular check­ups it is less likely that dental implants will fail, there is always that possibility. Also, dental implants are not a quick­fix solution, and generally require several visits to the dentist over a good many months. Finally, perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of implants supported full arch bridges for the majority of people is cost, as it is not the cheapest option. However, many patients after treatment have said that it was worth it just to have their dazzling smiles restored. Implants Supported Overdentures The snap in implant dentures, or overdentures are an excellent option for patients who want a good aesthetic option but do not want conventional dentures. Snap in dentures are fixed by dental implants and typically require 2­6 for the lower jaw and 4­6 for the upper jaw. The number of implants used depends on your dental condition and amount of stability desired. Implant dentures provide the following advantages over conventional dentures: <ul><li>Do not require gums or pastes to secure </li> <li>Sit over gumline rather than over the entire palate </li> <li>Do not hinder speech like conventional dentures </li> <li>Provide enough stability to eat and chew normally </li> <li>Good quality aesthetics </li></ul> Excellent comfort & no slipping <a href=''>You can see a video example of implant overdentures here</a>.

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