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What are the first steps for getting dental care abroad?

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You have two options for getting an estimated cost for your care and duration of stay needed: 1. Email us a copy of a treatment plan that has been prepared for you locally.?From this, we can give you a comparison quote, which will give you a good idea of the rough estimated cost of your care. Please note that every dentist can diagnose your needs differently based on their experience and training. The full evaluation and diagnosis of your needs will require in­person consultation. 2. Email us a copy of your ?recent?panoramic x-­rays.?(If available, please send a copy of your local treatment plan as well). From this, the specialists can provide an evaluation and estimate along with advising the amount of time recommended for your stay. Again, please note that the full evaluation will need to be done in person. If you do not have access to recent panoramic x-­rays or a copy of a local treatment plan: We recommend scheduling your appointment for the full evaluation and consultation in person, after which treatment can commence as needed. (Naturally, you are not obligated to commence any treatment, and any recommendations for care will be agreed upon after discussion with the specialist). If you have a trip planned already or are unable to send x-­rays ahead of time, this is the best course of action. (The in­person evaluation is the only way for the specialists to fully and accurately diagnose your case and provide you with final determinations and recommendations). If you have a rough idea of what kind of care you need and do not have your trip planned yet, we can advise a conservative time­frame for completion of your work. Your treatment options and costs will be discussed in full with the specialists, and they will work with you to find the ideal solution for you in consideration of your available time, your budget and your long term treatment goals. If you have a trip planned and need to arrange your appointment, please let us know the first available date & time you could visit for the evaluation as to allow the most possible time for your treatment during your stay

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