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Fortunately, the vast majority of our patients do not experience any problems with their dental treatment abroad, but no matter how expert a dentist is, problems can arise through no fault of their own. However, in the unlikely event that you do have any problems we are here to help. All of our clinics have warranties guaranteeing their work. Furthermore, you can be certain that Dental Departures will do the utmost to resolve any problems quickly and professionally. There are times when unanticipated complications may take place, if this is a concern for you we suggest that you look into <a href=''>medical travel insurance</a>. We are here to support and help you throughout every step of your care. We pride ourselves in being your dental advocate.
Ellen Prouty Made arrangements for Dental Work through your web site using Sani Dental in Los Algondones. The bleeding from the tooth extraction would not stop. After over six hours I ended up crossing the border and going to the hospital - admitted 2/1 and stayed until 2/4. The hospital bill and doctor bills far exceeded any savings of cost of going to Los Algondones. The doctor at the hospital said there was no way a dentist here in the US would have pulled this many teeth in one day. I had to cut my vacation short - pay an additional cost to get home as my plane ticket did not allow for any changes. The temporary teeth do not work at all - I went to a local dentist in the US and he told me they would never work as they were made for my mouth, now I have to be toothless for at one or two months until the swelling goes down. I can't go anywhere toothless!
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