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What is a crown used for?

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<ul><li>Repairing a broken tooth or a tooth that has been worn down </li> <li>Repairing and covering a tooth that has been treated by a root canal </li> <li>Replacing a missing tooth as part of a bridge </li> <li>Replacing a missing tooth on a dental implant </li> <li>Covering discolored or poorly shaped teeth to improve aesthetic appearance </li> <li>Repairing or protecting a tooth that has large amount of dec</li></ul>
Pauline Yuen Hi Doctor, I would like to enquire what type of crowning should i go for since i saw your website that there are 3 types of crownings available. I just did my root canal treatment for my left bottom last 2nd molar. I intend to do a crowing for that. Plus if ok i also wish to do another crowning for my right bottom last molar too. Hope to hear from you how much you be charging for one crowning. And i saw we need to stay in hospital? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you & regards

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