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What is laser treatment?

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Minor gums infections can be treated by ultrasonic and ozone cleaning with a hygienist, but more serious stages of gum disease usually need specialist care with a periodontist. Many times this involves surgery that can be costly and traumatic. The good news is with lasers we can offer more conservative and non­traumatic treatment for moderate to serious gum disease. Laser gum disease treatment does not involve cutting and sutures. It is much less invasive, usually painless and without swelling. Healing and recovery are very fast and you don’t need to take extra days off work. This will save you time and money. Treatment of gum disease is aimed at cleaning the debris and toxins from beneath the gum­line. This is accomplished virtuously painlessly and comfortably using the latest and most conservative approach that suits your particular stage of disease. All phases of treatment are provided by certified dentist using Laser technology. When lasers are used during periodontal therapy, there can be less bleeding, swelling and discomfort to the patient. Scalpels and stitches are often not necessary resulting in quick and comfortable healing. Laser therapy can be more effective in addressing the infectious nature of periodontal disease than traditional methods. The laser can physically interact with the bacteria and kill the organism by the absorption of laser energy. Studies have shown the laser’s ability to reduce 99.4% of the bacteria in a periodontal lesion. In addition, the laser can assist in forming a fibrin clot eliminating post­surgical bleeding and providing a quick and comfortable healing.

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