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What is the abutment?

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Basically you have a the implant that screws into the jaw bone. The abutment screws into that once the healing time is over. The crown is the actual tooth that goes on top. Healing Abutments A healing abutment is basically a small cap over the implant that keeps the gum from healing over the implant and avoids an additional cut in the gum before placing the permanent abutment and crown. This is not the final abutment and you will still need to purchase a final abutment and we will need the existing implant information to assure that we have the correct abutment available for your appointment.
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Victor Awad Hello, I have a loose tooth needs tools with 1.29 mm from Ritter and another one needs crown and abutment from bio horizon. and another one I have the abutment needs crown after 3 monthes. Do you have the tools special from ritter and biohorizon? how much will it cost? Thanks

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