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What is the procedure for porcelain veneers?

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Your dentist will examine your teeth to make sure porcelain veneers are appropriate for you and determine any oral health concerns that must be addressed before starting the veneers process . <ul><li>any tooth decay problems must be treated before the application of dental veneers </li> <li>if you need a tooth whitening for the rest of your teeth, that should be done prior to choosing the tooth color for your porcelain veneers </li> <li>untreated gingivitis and receding gums may seriously affect the aesthetic result of veneers) Ask your dentist to explain the advantages and disadvantages of porcelain veneers over other possible alternatives such as enamel shaping, bonding, crowns, tooth bleaching, braces etc. The dentist will describe what the procedure will involve and help you understand the corrective limitations of the procedure. Before and after images of other successful cases are usually available in cosmetic dentist offices Also, your dentist will work with you to select the best matching tooth color for you from a special shade chart.</li></ul>

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