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What safe removal techniques are out there for removing of old amalgam fillings?

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When amalgam fillings are removed, mercury particles can be easily introduced into the body without following certain protocols. As the fillings are drilled out, the heat and friction of the drill can cause mercury vapor to be released. Also, very small particles and shards of the amalgam fillings are thrown off by the drill which cancause mercury to be absorbed into the body. To prevent mercury exposure during the removal process, the following is done to ensure your health and safety: <ul><li>High speed suction to immediately remove the amalgam particles and vapor from the mouth </li> <li>Water irrigation to cool the fillings and flush mercury particles into the suction device </li> <li>Rubber dams to cover the face to ensure no mercury particles fall onto exposed skin </li> <li>Safety glasses to ensure mercury particles are not introduced into the eyes </li> <li>Oxygen is supplied to ensure you are breathing pure air and not inhaling mercury vapor</li></ul>
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