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The Ultimate Guide to Dentists in Baja California

Save up to 70% on the cost of dental care without traveling too far. Our dentists in Baja California are easy to reach, with the locations offered for your dental care in this State as rich and varied as its landscape. Do yourself, and your dental health, a big favor and book an appointment with Dental Departures at one of our quality-checked, affordable dentists. You’ll be glad you did.

Providing some of Mexico’s most rugged countryside with dramatic land and seascapes, visitors to Baja California will find remnants of a colonial past in delightful mission towns as well as affordable luxury in upscale beach resorts. From remote deserts to vast oceans teeming with life, and from quaint mountain villages to vibrant border towns Baja California delivers something for everyone – and being on the doorstep of the United States it can’t be beaten in terms of convenience for North Americans who don’t want to travel too far.

The major cities include Ensenada, Tijuana and Mexicali – all of which are popular for visiting North Americans – offering all the mod cons you would expect to find in any 21st century city, but all for a fraction of the price it costs over the border.

Of course there are authentic ‘Mexican’ towns and villages, including the colorful and fun Los Algodones, on the border, as well as beach destinations, including San Felipe, on the Sea of Cortes, or Rosarito overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the other side of the Peninsula.

Baja California offers invigorating walks with breathtaking scenery, wine tours, cave art, museums, historic sites, scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, golfing and countless more activities and past-times, not forgetting its gastronomic delights.

Dental patients will find they can do as much, or as little, as they want in a variety of locations that make Baja California one of our most popular destinations.

Where is Baja California?

Baja California is located on the Baja California peninsula, in northwest Mexico. It borders the southern US state of California and the state capital is Mexicali.

Why visit a dentist in Baja California?

For North Americans it is the ultimate in convenient overseas destinations. Whether you want to have dental treatment as part of a holiday and spend a week or two relaxing, or whether you would prefer to travel just for your dental care and return home immediately Baja California offers you a number of options.

There are a great many patients who visit the border towns such as Tijuana, Mexicali and Algodones just for the day to have their dental care. However, there are just as many who opt to stay a little longer and a good deal of snowbirds and retirees who are here for several months escaping the worst of the winter weather back home.

For some dental patients who may need a number of treatments, for example dental implants, traveling to Baja California is more doable than traveling further afield – both from a financial and time point of view.

With Dental Departures you can find information on dentists, their qualifications, clinic photos, virtual tours, real patient reviews and you can see the prices for each procedure. If you are having a few procedures you can get a free no-obligation quote so you know right from the outset exactly what your treatment will cost, and plan accordingly. The savings are substantial and may be the difference between keeping your dental health in check, or having bigger problems to deal with as a result of neglect. Look at the savings:

• Average cost of a single dental crown in the US $1,200, At a dentist in Baja California as little as $120
• Average cost of root canal, post and crown in the US$2,200, At a dentist in Baja California only $250
• Average cost of dental implant and crown in the US$3,900, At a dentist in Baja California around $900


Where to stay?

From beachfront hotels to boutique accommodation in the city there is accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. Indulge in 5* luxury for less than $80 a night per room, or if you are looking for the best available rates you can get a double room in a 3* hotel for $20 a night.

Some of our dentists in Baja California offer free or discounted accommodation in local hotels, depending on the nature of your treatment. Please ask us for further information.

Is it safe?

The most recent US travel advisory does not advise against travel to Baja California, but it does warn to exercise caution, particularly at night. Generally, this is sound advice when traveling anywhere, and for the majority of tourists who do not get involved in a risky activities such as drug-taking, visiting Baja California should be no more risky than some cities at home.

Driving at night between cities is not recommended, and so if you are driving make sure you leave plenty of time to get to your destination before darkness falls.

Is the quality of care the same as back home?

Dental care in Mexico can be of a similar quality to the care you would expect at home, but it obviously pays to do some background checks to make sure you find a trustworthy dentist.

This is where Dental Departures comes in. By finding and booking your dentist through Dental Departures you can be confident that our verified dentists have been background-checked and meet, at least, the kind of standards you are accustomed to. In many circumstances the standards in Mexico actually surpass those at home.

So, how do we assess the quality of care? While dental expertise is important, there are, of course, a number of other ways which contribute to the overall patient experience, and which are important to measuring the quality of care.

At Dental Departures we don’t decide which the most important factors are – we leave that to you. What we do is give you the information we have so you can make your own choice based on what you consider to be important.

What we can say, is that we have dentists in Baja California who are well trained and qualified who have memberships of internationally renowned professional organizations, such as the American Dental Association (ADA). We also have dental clinics that are likely to be among some of the most highly-equipped and modern you will encounter anywhere, as well dentists who have been highly-rated by hundreds of satisfied patients who have taken the time to write reviews.

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What happens if something goes wrong? Does my dental care have guarantees or warranties?

All of our verified dentists offer guarantees or warranties on the work they do, as well as on any materials used.

Our background checks ensure the services offered by our verified dentists are as good as any dental services you would expect to receive at home. However, even with the most stringent checks things can very occasionally go wrong. Although these circumstances are rare, Dental Departures will make sure that your problem is put right.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

Baja California’s close proximity to the United States means that English is widely spoken, particularly in the big cities, including Tijuana, Ensenada and Mexicali, as well as the smaller, popular destinations such as Los Algodones.

What payment methods are accepted by most dental offices?

US cash is widely accepted, as well as other forms of payment. Our website details what payment methods are accepted at each particular clinic so you can check to see if debit cards, checks and credit cards are accepted. Please note that credit card payments are sometimes subject to a small fee of between 3 and 4%.

Is my US or Canadian Dental Insurance accepted?

If your insurance provider allows ‘out-of-network’ care you should be able to claim the cost of your treatment when you return home. Unfortunately, your dentist in Baja California won’t be able to invoice your insurance company directly, but will help you in filling in the forms for reimbursement.

Before you travel please make sure you have all the appropriate documentation and paperwork to bring with you

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When is the best time to visit one of our dentists?

The weather in Baja California is good throughout the year, with average temperatures of 77F (25C). October through to April is peak season, when temperatures tend to be a little cooler than low season from May to September where temperatures can reach around 100F (38C).

Our dentists are open all year round, and so you can arrange an appointment at any time to suit you.

Is it handicapped accessible?

The landscape in Baja California is rugged and certainly not for wheelchairs. However, wheelchair access in the towns and cities is possible, but it is variable, even within destinations. For example, Ensenada’s waterfront, which is the most popular area for tourists, has a half-mile stretch which is wheelchair friendly, but the rest of the city is not so easy to navigate.

Generally, you will find most Mexican people all too happy to help, and shop vendors will quite happily do business with you on the street outside their premises if getting into their shop is difficult.

Our dentists generally have disabled access, and many offer pick-up and drop-off services to get you to and from your appointment with the minimum of fuss. We can always get you to one of our dentists, so just talk to us about your requirements.

What is the downside? What should I know about visiting?

Apart from safety measures previously outlined if you are driving in the area, the only other issue is to keep an eye on your belongings when traveling by bus. Bus travel in Baja California is popular for many travelers as it is inexpensive and reaches most of the major tourist destinations. That said, it can be crowded, and is therefore the perfect place for pickpockets to operate – so do take care of your possessions.

If you are visiting for dental work, it is worth bearing in mind that sedation dentistry throughout Mexico is not used as standard like it is in the United States and Canada. If you think you are going to need sedation most of our dentists can arrange this, but you will have to request it in advance. There is an additional cost of between $400-$600 because the services of an anesthesiologist will be required.

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What else is there to do in Baja California?

The Baja California peninsula is a unique combination of ocean and desert. It is home to flora and fauna that can’t be found elsewhere and provides endless opportunities for getting back to nature.

The richness of the biodiversity here means you can admire a wide variety of different species on land, at sea and in the air, including whales, dolphins and hundreds of species of birds. Known as the cactus garden of Mexico, all sizes and shapes are found throughout the peninsula and provide a contrasting backdrop to the surrounding waters.

The waters around the coast of Baja California are perfect for adventure lovers and nature lovers. The Coronado Islands, off the northeast coast, are great for walks and bird-watching, and the crystal waters ideal for kayaking. Beautiful coral reefs means scuba diving or snorkeling are a must. 

Islands and coastline are part of a UNESCO World heritage site for this region, and another UNESCO site can be found in the Sierra de San Francisco region which has one of the most outstanding concentrations of prehistoric rock art in the world.

For wine buffs, tasting tours to the wine-growing region are not to be missed, especially when combined with gourmet cuisine. Baja California is famous for its new Baja Med gastronomy – a fusion of Mexican cuisine with influences from across the world, including the Orient and the Mediterranean. There are several young local chefs who are highly influential and world-renowned who are popularizing these gastronomic delights. Their restaurants are inspiring newer generations to expand the cuisine even further, and if fresh locally-sourced Mexican food with a twist excites you then you won’t be disappointed.

Getting there – flying in

International airports at Tijuana and Mexicali, as well as in the southern United States at San Diego, California and Yuma, Arizona make Baja California very accessible to most international visitors.

Driving Directions

There are around half a dozen border crossings from the US into Baja California, including those at Tijuana and Calexico in California and Yuma in Arizona. Anyone driving from east of California can drive to Yuma on the Interstate 8 before crossing the border, or can travel a bit farther west to Calexico.

Mexican car insurance?

It is mandatory that all drivers in Mexico have to have third party insurance at least. You will usually have to arrange this separately from your own US car insurance, but you can buy it online for around $10 a day.

Distance to Mexicali (State Capital) from other areas:

• General Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada International Airport, Mexicali, Mx: 15 miles (24 kms), 30 mins
• San Diego International Airport, California, USA : 126 miles (203 kms), 2 hours
• Phoenix, Arizona, USA: 240 miles (390kms), 4 hours
• Yuma, Arizona, USA: 60 miles (95 kims), 1 hour

Border crossing document requirements and hours of operation

If you are driving, remember to take your passport for re-entry into the US, and to find out information such as opening times, on border crossings before you travel.

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How do I book an appointment?

Book your appointment with one of our dentists in Baja California online or via our toll-free number. With Dental Departures you can easily find a quality-checked dentist by comparing prices and reviews while looking at clinic photos, maps and virtual tours. Dental Departures gives you the information you need to make an informed choice – and always as the guaranteed best prices.

How do I book?

This article is meant for information purposes only and is not intended to be dental advice or instructions for dental diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with your dentist or a qualified dental professional before starting or changing dental treatment.

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