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The Ultimate Guide to Crowns in Bangkok

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Why have Dental Crowns in Bangkok?

Bangkok, the densely inhabited capital city of Thailand, has a significant cultural, political and economic role, not just throughout Thailand, but in the whole of South-East Asia. Bisected by the Chao Phraya River, a considerable factor in Bangkok's growth, the frequent ferries crossing the river still provide an important means of getting across the city.

Bangkok's strategic geographical position has ensured its growth as a modern city, and the city skyscrapers sit comfortably alongside its historic palaces and temples. Millions of international visitors flock here every year, drawn by its cultural landmarks and exotic nightlife.

Business is booming, with many multinational companies based here. Medical and dental facilities are widely regarded as excellent, which has seen the growth of tourism taking advantage of the cheaper prices - from dental implants to dental crowns and fillings.

The dental clinics in Bangkok offer outstanding dental treatment that is as good as anywhere in the world. Facilities are second-to-none, with dentists here undergoing rigorous training.

Bangkok is conveniently placed for international visitors, and is served by two airports receiving a multitude of international flights daily from around the world.

There really is something for everyone here. Accommodation ranges from cheap backpacker hostels to five-star hotels, with everything in-between. A truly international city, the variety of cuisines available reflects this, catering for all budges from tasty street food vendors to luxury fine-dining restaurants. Nightlife is legendary, and there are plenty of cultural things to see, such as the Reclining Buddha Temple and places for those quieter moments, such as the butterfly garden. You will not be short of things to see and do if you decide to have dental crowns treatment in Bangkok.

How long do Dental Crowns take in Bangkok?

Dental crown work in Bangkok takes around a week - two appointments on the first and last day with your dentist, and the lab work taking place in-between. This time may be reduced if your clinic has an on-site lab.

On your first visit, the options regarding the material of your dental crowns will be discussed with you. They are offered in gold crown, full porcelain crowns, full ceramic crowns, zirconia crowns and all the world standard materials are used in Bangkok. When you have decided what is most suitable your dentist will prepare your tooth for the crown. Firstly, the tooth will be cleaned and filed with a drill and impressions of your mouth sent to the lab. The lab will make the crown to fit perfectly. Until the permanent crown is ready, your dentist will fit a temporary crown.

On your second visit, the temporary crown is removed, the tooth filed and the new dental crown put in place. Once you and your dentist are happy with the fit and color, it will be permanently fixed. If you are having multiple crowns, it is wise to allow a few extra days for you to each and chew with the crowns so you can have minor adjustments done if needed.

What type of dental crowns are available in Bangkok?

In Bangkok, the same brands and materials that are available at home are readily obtainable here. The different materials for dental crowns are zirconia ceramic crowns, full porcelain crowns, porcelain fused to noble alloy crowns, porcelain fused to gold crowns and full gold crowns.

What is the cost comparison of dental crowns in Bangkok to the Australia and New Zealand?

The cost of dental crowns in Australia ranges from $1,500 AUD to $4,000 AUD. The substantial difference in cost is due to the size of the crown, and what material it is made from.

In Bangkok, dental crowns start from $280.

Dental crowns have a lifespan of between five and fifteen years, depending on what material it is made from, and what stress is placed on the tooth from eating, or bad habits, such as tooth grinding.

Bangkok provides high standards of dental care in its modern dental clinics, and this stimulating city presents a host of diversions to make your trip a memorable one for all the right reasons.

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