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Whitening in Bangkok

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Bangkok

Have your laser teeth whitening done in Bangkok and come home with a brand new smile!

Have you always wanted a brighter smile?  Save hundreds on your laser teeth whitening in Bangkok - all in about an hour.

What is the cost comparison of tooth whitening in Bangkok to Australia and New Zealand?

Laser teeth whitening in Australia costs around $1000 AUD and professional home whitening kits are about $500 AUD.

In comparison, tooth whitening systems in Bangkok start at around $250 AUD for laser whitening and $125 AUD for the professional home whitening kits.

What is the process for laser teeth whitening in Bangkok?

Laser teeth whitening in Bangkok takes around 1-2 hours, and produces instant results.  Zoom Whitening, BriteSmile Whitening, Opalescence - all the well know brands of teeth whitening can be found in Bangkok.

If you have not had a cleaning recently, it is recommended to first begin with a thorough tooth cleaning to remove tartar and stains. The dentist will assess the shade of your teeth using a shade chart. The gums, lips and cheeks will then be pulled back and shielded from the teeth before a light-activated gel is applied to the teeth. You will be provided with eye protection to guard your eyes from the laser. The laser is then applied to the gel for about 15 minutes. This is repeated twice, after which all traces of gel and mouth protection are removed. Results are very noticeable, and the shade chart will be used again to measure how many shades lighter your teeth have become.

Professional home whitening kits

Your dentist takes impressions of your teeth so the trays where the gel is applied can be made. A few days later, when the trays are ready, you will visit your dentist again who will show you how to use them in combination with the gel. Some tooth whitening systems require you to sleep with the trays in, and some require you to use them for just a few hours a day. The treatment continues until you are happy with the result achieved. The trays can be used again and again, and more gel is obtainable from your dentist or can be ordered online.

How long does laser teeth whitening take in Bangkok?

There are two types of tooth whitening treatments that dental clinics normally offer - laser tooth whitening, carried out in the surgery, and home whitening. Both treatments use a peroxide-based bleaching gel which is applied to the teeth. The gels have different concentrations of peroxide, the higher the concentration, the greater the whitening effect. Gels with a higher concentration of peroxide can create sensitivity to the soft tissues of the mouth, which is why they must be used with care, under the supervision of a dentist.

What else to know?

Bangkok, along with Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, has a pivotal role in South-East Asia. It holds a great deal of sway politically, economically and culturally in the regionn. It is a commercially astute city, business-savvy and with many multi-national companies based here. Tourists have been coming here for many years, attracted by its laid-back and friendly people, as much as the myriad of cultural and entertainment offerings.

Bangkok has a wide appeal. Shopping can be in a swanky mall, or a bustling night market. Eating out can be a luxurious experience, on the rooftop of a top-class hotel overlooking the city, or an inexpensive meal on-the-go from one of the many excellent street vendors. Ornate temples, sparkling city lights and the excitement of hanging-out in the tourist areas of the Khao San Road and Patpong draws international tourists to Bangkok by their millions every year.

Another thriving sector here is the growth of dental tourism. Thousands of Australian, New Zealand, UK and US visitors in-the-know are lured to Bangkok by the city's magnetic appeal, and the knowledge they can get top-class dental treatments here, such as tooth whitening, for a fraction of what it costs at home.

Bangkok is an international city, and English is spoken widely. There are two airports here, with multiple international flights arriving hourly, so travel from anywhere on the globe is easy. Bangkok's everyday amenities, such as accommodation and food are abundant, and suit all pockets.

The cost of tooth whitening treatment is a major plus point. However, so is the knowledge that the dental clinics in Bangkok are top-class centers, offering the same practices, techniques and brands that are available back home. Many of the dentists in Bangkok have trained in esteemed centers in English-speaking countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK.

Bangkok is an enthralling city, with so much to see and do. The only downside is there is never enough time to do it all.

Tooth whitening in Bangkok is a fraction of the price that it is at home, enabling you to get that dazzling smile you've always wanted, whilst enjoying this incredible city in 'The Land of Smiles'.

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