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Root Canal in Chiang Mai

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Chiang Mai

Worried about the expense of root canal treatment to save your tooth? Book an appointment for your root canal in Chiang Mai with Dental Departures - and save enough to more than pay for a holiday here.

Root canal treatment is necessary to save a tooth when the soft pulp in the center has become infected. It is an expensive procedure but can be undertaken by a dentist specialising in root canals (an endodontist) in Chiang Mai for much less than it would cost at home.

Treatment to complete a root canal procedure may take up to 2 weeks to complete and so it is important to be comfortable and happy in your surroundings when you are not attending your appointments at the dentist.

Chiang Mai’s serenity, alongside its modern tourist facilities is an ideal combination for providing root canal patients with the conveniences for a relaxed holiday. There are plenty of activities for those who need them, but for others just content to be immersed in a different way of life and culture there is much to enthral.

Why have Root Canals in Chiang Mai?

At Dental Departures we work very closely with our dentists in Chiang Mai, ensuring they are quality-checked and have experience and training in their specialist areas. As root canal treatment is a specialist treatment it is important to ensure your dentist has the training to perform the procedure as an improperly performed root canal may cause you even more problems.

Dental care in Thailand is generally of an excellent standard as it has become one of the leaders in dental tourism, providing impressive facilities and excellent customer service.

Rising dental care costs and widespread air travel has made it much easier for people to travel much further afield for their treatment. This growth in patients traveling from abroad has resulted in increased competition for patients as clinics invest to provide the best facilities and attract the most sought-after dentists.

How long do Root Canals take in Chiang Mai?

A root canal procedure may be carried out in one or two appointments, but if you have an infection this will need to be treated before the root canal procedure begins. For international patients traveling to Chiang Mai it is advisable to get a course of antibiotics from your dentist at home before you travel – and you will need to have been on the course for at least 10 days before the root canal treatment is started.

The root canal procedure involves your dentist taking x-rays to assess the damage to your tooth, ensure there is no infection and to get a clear view of the root canals. After that the treatment can begin. The area will be numbed with a local anaesthetic and a rubber dam placed over the tooth to prevent bacteria and water getting in it. By drilling down through the crown of the tooth the dentist will access the soft tissue and remove it. The root canals will also be cleared of any material after which the ensuing chambers are all thoroughly cleaned and packed with a temporary filling.

After a few days you will re-visit your dentist. If there is no sign of infection the temporary filling will be removed and a permanent filling or crown will be fitted. If you require a crown this will take an additional few days for the lab to make it.

It could take up to 2 weeks all-in-all, if you have had an infection to clear up and you require a crown. 

What is the cost of Root Canals in Australia and New Zealand compared to Chiang Mai?

In Australia even a straightforward root canal costs around AUD $1,200 in Australia but is little over a tenth of the price in Chiang Mai at AUD $130.

If you require a more complicated root canal it is not unheard of to save a couple of hundred dollars on your treatment costs – more than enough to enjoy a luxury holiday in Chiang Mai and still have money left over.

How do I book an appointment?

Book your appointment online at Dental Departures. Alternatively, if you want to ask any questions about root canals in Chiang Mai contact us on our free phone number, by e-mail or via our online chat. See how much you can save with Dental Departures and our expert dentists.

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