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The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Costa Rica

Need a dentist for root canal treatment? Choose and book a dentist with us for root canal treatment in Costa Rica and save around 70% on the price you pay at home. This is more than enough to pay for a holiday here so why go to the expense of paying the price at home when you can get yor treatment and relax on holiday?

It may take up to a couple of weeks to complete your root canal treatment, and Costa Rica offers dental patients a lot of options for downtime in between dental appointments. A small country, you can be exploring the jungle canopy in the morning - and sipping cocktails beside the ocean in the evening.

Great shopping, public parks, museums, galleries, restaurants and bars all complete the picture of a location that delivers a host of things for dental patients to do, offering everyday conveniences as well as novel holiday experiences.

Why have root canal treatment in Costa Rica? 

Root canal treatment is a specialist procedure and it is important that you visit a dentist who is specialized in this area. Using the Dental Departures website will allow you to choose a root canal specialist (an endodontist) in Costa Rica who has been quality-checked with credentials that have been verified.

Furthermore, you can also be confident that choosing a dentist through us means you get guarantees or warranties on your treatment – not only on the procedure but on any materials used (e.g. a crown) – and you also get a guarantee that you will pay the lowest price available for your treatment.

Something else worth bearing in mind is that you may be entitled to claim back your treatment expenses as tax deductions, which you should speak to your accountant about, or visit the IRS website.

How long does root canal treatment take in Costa Rica?

Root canals can be completed in one or two appointments, providing there is no other complication or an infection. If there is an infection this will need to be cleared-up with a course of antibiotics prior to your root canal treatment commencing. This may require you getting a course from your dentist at home before you travel to Costa Rica as you will need to have been taking the antibiotics for 10 days before the root canal treatment can begin.

At your first appointment with your Costa Rican dentist x-rays will usually be taken to assess the extent of the infection and to see where the root pulp is located. After that, your treatment will begin, firstly with a local anesthetic being applied to the tooth in question and a rubber dam being put in place to keep the areas free from debris.

The dentist will drill a hole into the tooth to access the infected pulp and remove it and then will remove the tooth roots. After everything has been removed the chambers are cleaned, sterilized and filled with a temporary filling.

If it is a large chamber and you need a crown a temporary restoration will be fitted. After a few days you will return to the dentist so they can check there is no infection after the root canal procedure. If everything is satisfactory the tooth will be filled, or the new crown fitted.

The whole process could take up to two weeks in some cases, but only a few days for others. 

What is the cost of root canals in Costa Rica compared to the United States and Canada?

In theUS, prices for root canals start from $1,280 but in Costa Rica are as little as $235.  If you require a post/core build-up and standard crown thee prices in the US are around $2,200 – but in Costa Rica is as little as $315.

Even allowing for flights and accommodation costs it is very easy to save more than a thousand dollars by traveling to Costa Rica for root canal treatment.

How do I book root canals in Costa Rica?

You can phone our Toll-Free number or book your root canals in Costa Rica online.  Our website makes it easy for you to know-before-you-go with patient reviews, virtual clinic tous and, high resolution photos. Book with Dental Departures and get a trustworthy dentist for the lowest prices - guaranteed. 

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How do I book?

This article is meant for information purposes only and is not intended to be dental advice or instructions for dental diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with your dentist or a qualified dental professional before starting or changing dental treatment.

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