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The Ultimate Guide to Crowns in Cozumel

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Cozumel’s position just off the mainland coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula has made it a popular destination for holidaymakers. For dental crown patients with time to spare between appointments the island has much to offer in terms of things to see and do. Discover the marine life in the surrounding waters, explore ancient architecture and ruins or simply soak up the sun and glorious white beaches.

At just a few hours away from the United States Cozumel is a convenient tropical paradise – either flying direct to the island’s international airport or to nearby Cancun on the mainland.

Cozumel’s laid-back Caribbean-style is infectious, allowing you to do as little or as much you want. Although visitors come here for peace and quiet, Cozumel’s only town, San Miguel, is an international cruise dock, and is fully equipped to deliver a fun night out on the town.

Why have Dental Crowns in Cozumel?

For anyone seeking a dental vacation Cozumel has got to be the one of the archetypal destinations with its turquoise waters and pristine beaches. Tourism is the island’s major industry and they certainly know a thing or two about looking after their visitors, as keen competition has ensured standards and services are high.

Dental tourism is another facility where visitors to Cozumel can expect to receive a first-rate service. There is some mythology surrounding the standards of dental care in Mexico- some of which may have a grain of truth – but providing you go to a quality-checked dentist the care you receive will be on a par with that in North America.

Dentist training is one of the areas which cause some concern to patients. However, while dentist training in Mexico in the past was not as stringent as it was in North America, Britain and Australia, modern dentists tend to ensure that their training and qualifications do match up to the standards in other countries nowadays. Thus, you will find many dentists in Mexico with memberships of professional associations abroad, so they are subject to the same standards as their overseas counterparts.

How long do Dental Crown treatments take in Cozumel?

You will need at least two visits to the dentist - the first for the preparation of your tooth to receive the crown and the second to fit the permanent crown. There will usually be a few days wait between appointments while your crowns are custom-made in the lab, so it usually takes about 4 days in total.

There are a few different types of materials that your crown can be made from – some costing more than others. There are a number of benefits/detriments to each one, which your dentist will discuss with you on your first appointment, but it really is down to your own personal choice.

The most durable and affordable are porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns, but they are the least cosmetically desirable. Zirconia are the most natural-looking but the most expensive. In between there are other options such as porcelain or even gold.

What is the cost comparison of Dental Crowns in Cozumel to the US and Canada?

The price will be affected by the material used and the size of the crown. In the United States dental crowns start at $1,150 compared to $500 in Cozumel.

Traveling to Cozumel for your dental crowns will save you hundreds on the cost of a standard PFM crown but significantly more on a zirconia crown which will last for up to 15 years. 

Can I book online?

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