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Alta Estetica Dental Clinica (Antioquia)

Circular 73B No. 39B - 115 Consultorio 306, Medellin, Antioquia, CO

About Alta Estetica Dental Clinica (Antioquia)

Alta Estetica Dental Clinica. We are a comprehensive dental clinic specializing in oral health and dental high aesthetics. Guaranteeing a service with high quality standards for the care.


If you have any other questions, you can contact us free of charge.

Composite Filling
Extraction (simple)
Extraction (surgical or impacted)
Teeth Whitening
Full Porcelain/Ceramic Crown
Porcelain Veneer
Temporary Crown/Veneer
Full Denture Metal (upper or lower)
Porcelain metal Crown on implant (including abutment)
Standard Implant Crown (including abutment)
Metal Braces
Root canal (any tooth)

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  • Dr. Alfonso Ariza Rodríguez

    Dr. Alfonso Ariza Rodríguez

  • Dr. Carlos Andrés Ospina

    Dr. Carlos Andrés Ospina

  • Dr. Rodrigo Del Pozo

    Dr. Rodrigo Del Pozo

  • Dr. Santiago Montoya

    Dr. Santiago Montoya

  • Dr. Jorge Mario

    Dr. Jorge Mario

  • Dra. Lina Rocio Naranjo

    Dra. Lina Rocio Naranjo