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Acerca de Murillo's Dental

Murillo’s Dental is a multidisciplinary clinic located in Nogales, Mexico, just over the US border from southern Arizona.

The team includes specialists in maxillofacial surgery, endodontics, implantology and orthodontics, experienced in treating both local and international patients.

Open six days a week, Murillo’s Dental is an ideal choice for Americans based in the Tucson or Phoenix regions, seeking affordable dentistry in Mexico. For those thinking about coming from further afield, the best option would be to fly into Tuscon’s international airport which is just an hour’s drive from the border.

The clinic is led by José David Murillo Corza, a fully qualified dental surgeon who holds two postgraduate degrees in maxillofacial surgery and endodontics.

He is joined by Víctor Manuel Pérez Núñez, a specialist in implantology and a member of the Mexican Academy of Periodontology, as well as Cesar Escalante Elías who specializes in orthodontics and is a member of the Mexican Academy of Orthodontics.

Offering a long list of general, cosmetic, restorative and preventative procedures, the main areas of dentistry at Dr. Murillo’s clinic include:

- Endodontics: to preserve teeth without the need for extraction. This includes root canal therapy to preserve teeth that have become infected.

- Teeth whitening: a popular aesthetic dental treatment that brightens the color of the teeth by several tones. This can be achieved in-office (laser teeth whitening) or with custom-made take-home kits.

- Dental surgery: carried out to treat a number of conditions, such as impacted wisdom teeth, as well as implants, jaw surgery and reconstructive surgery.

- Orthodontics: for the correction of misaligned teeth and jaw bone through the use of clear or metal (traditional braces).

- Tooth extraction, including molars

- Implantology: to replace missing teeth through the surgical placement of dental implants into the maxilla or mandibular bone.

- Oral rehabilitation: to restore the aesthetic function and overall oral health through dental prostheses for tooth loss, injury or other aesthetic issues.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Book your appointment at Murillo’s Dental today via the Dental Departures’ site. Setting up your appointment is straightforward and secure—and we always guarantee you achieve the best prices when booking with us.

Our Customer Care Team can be reached via the toll-free number, online chat or email. Or you can schedule your appointment quickly and conveniently online with us, at no additional cost to you.

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Precios y Tratamientos

Corona de Zirconio sobre implante (soporte incluido)
USD 2,500 - USD 3,000
Corona sobre Implante Estándar (soporte incluido)
USD 300 - USD 400 USD 3,850
Elevación del Seno
USD 600 - USD 800 USD 4,000
Implante Dental de Titanio (soporte y corona estándar incluidos)
USD 1,300 - USD 1,600 USD 3,900
Implante Dental Estándar de Titanio (solo implante)
USD 1,000 - USD 1,300 USD 2,200
Injerto óseo (grande)
USD 400 - USD 600 USD 2,000
Injerto óseo (pequeño)
USD 300 - USD 400 USD 1,500
Mini Implante
USD 800 - USD 1,000 USD 1,100
Puente de Porcelana Soportado por Implantes, Arco Completo (con 4 implantes)
USD 5,400 - USD 6,000 USD 24,000
Puente de Porcelana Soportado por Implantes, Arco Completo (con 6 implantes)
USD 10,200 - USD 12,000 USD 28,000
Puente sobre Implantes, Arco Completo (con 8 implantes)
USD 17,800 - USD 20,000 USD 32,000
Sobre dentadura Soportada por Implantes, extraíble (con 2 implantes)
USD 2,400 - USD 3,000 USD 6,900
Sobre dentadura Soportada por Implantes, extraíble (con 4 implantes)
USD 4,400 - USD 5,000 USD 12,300
Sobre dentadura Soportada por Implantes, extraíble (con 6 implantes)
USD 6,400 - USD 7,000 USD 17,700
Sobre dentadura Soportada por Implantes, extraíble (con 8 implantes)
USD 8,400 - USD 9,000 USD 23,000

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All professional and very friendly.

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All professional and very friendly.

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Jose David Murillo Corza
9Años de experiencia
  Idioma Hablado
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Dentist Surgeon
  • Postgraduate in Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Postgraduate in Endodontics


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