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Dr Franciso Arias’s dental clinic is in Pereira, Colombia offering expertise in the specialist are of oral maxillofacial surgery. We can help with a range of conditions, from snoring to missing teeth.

Dr Francisco Arias’s dental clinic is in Pereira, Colombia, offering specialist oral maxillofacial surgery services, including dental implants.

Established in 2001, Dr Arias’s expertise helps patients to improve their health, appearance and quality of life with his knowledge and experience of facial aesthetics. If you are considering surgery or treatment then come to a recognized, fully-licensed professional who is familiar with the treatment of orofacial anomalies and illnesses, as well as injuries to the mouth and face.

Our services include the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of trauma, pathologies, congenital or acquired abnormalities of the structures in the maxillofacial complex, and associated conditions. With Dr. Arias’s skill and his team of highly-qualified staff, we can deliver outstanding care, using the most advanced technology and up-to-date techniques currently available.

We have helped countless people improve their lives for problems and treatments including TMJ dysfunction, dental surgery, dental implants, bone grafts, chin surgery, cheek surgery, botox and even snoring.

We invite you to visit our facilities, or get in touch with Dr Francisco Arias to discuss our services in greater detail to see if we can help your particular circumstances. Your satisfaction and health are vitally important to us and we look forward to serving you with real-life results.

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