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Global Patients' Choice Awards

Global Patients' Choice Awards

Global Patients' Choice Awards

The Dental Departures Global Patients’ Choice Award are an annual accolade presented to dental clinics achieving exceptional testimonials by Dental Departures patients. In recognition of high-quality services, the awards are open to any clinic, but eligibility includes an overall four star rating or higher, and takes into account the number of reviews received during the year.

Previous winners of the award have come from across the globe, including Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, The Philippines and Vietnam, and comprise small, one-chair boutique dental clinics as well as large, one-stop facilities housing 30 treatment rooms with onsite lab, pharmacy, restaurant, bank and hotel.

We’re thrilled to acknowledge the triumph of global dental care and the accomplishment of dental clinics from Bangkok to Cancun, Ho Chi Minh City to Los Algodones, Manila to Budapest and Phuket to San Jose. Winning dental clinics in receipt of the Dental Departures Global Patients’ Choice Award are presented with a certificate which they can choose to display in their dental clinic, on their website or with local media as confirmation of their outstanding contribution to customer satisfaction. The Global Patients’ Choice Awards are testimony to the superb services delivered by top performing dental clinics and dentists, endorsed by the people who know best – their patients.

– Paul McTaggart, CEO, Dental Departures

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