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Global Patients' Choice

Global Patients' Choice - 2015

Global Patients' Choice

The Dental Departures Global Patients' Choice Award is an annual accolade presented in recognition of outstanding dental services. The criteria for winning the award are quite simple – those clinics that have received the best feedback, collated from the reviews of Dental Departures patients throughout the year, will finish in top spot.

To be eligible for the Dental Departures Global Patients' Choice 2018 Award, a dental clinic must achieve an overall rating of four stars or higher from patient reviews on Dental Departures. As the award is based purely on customer satisfaction, this enables the smaller one-chair boutique clinics to compete on a level playing surface with the custom-built, multi-storey dental hospitals that offer a complete one-stop service. There will be awards presented to winning clinics from all over the world, including Mexico, Thailand, Bali, Vietnam and the Philippines. Previous winners have been able to further raise their profile by displaying the award in their dental clinic, on their website, and by promoting their success through the local media.

At Dental Departures, we’re delighted to give the top performing dental surgeons and facilities the recognition they deserve. The 2018 Global Patients' Choice Award embraces the success of worldwide dental care standards, and gives the most important people, the patients themselves, the opportunity to reward their dental provider for a job well done.

– Paul McTaggart, CEO, Dental Departures

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