Crowns in Almeria

The Ultimate Guide to Crowns in Almeria

Last fact-checked: 18 February 2020

An affordable solution for damaged or broken teeth is nearer than you think. Head to Spain for low-cost dental crowns in Almeria —one of Spain’s coastal cities overlooking the Mediterranean—and take advantage of the country’s affordable dental care while soaking up a few days of sun.

With the magnificent Moorish fortress, The Alcazaba, looming over the shimmering waters of the Bay of Almeria and the colourful rooftops of the old Medina, this is one of Spain’s most attractive places to visit. The British and Irish have long had a tendency to visit the Costa del Sol, to the south of the Costa Almeria, and Costa Blanca, to its north. However, those that make the effort to come to this part of Spain are rewarded with a more traditional taste of the country, where the tapas are served free with your drink, and deserted coves promise almost private stretches of beach. As a location to enjoy a holiday or break, as well as a destination for dental care, it’s a fantastic choice.

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

If you already have a dental crown and it is damaged in any way, then you will need to replace it. Otherwise, you risk the crown breaking, which may be uncomfortable and appear unsightly.

If you don’t already have crowns, then perhaps a dentist at home has recommended them. They are sometimes referred to as ‘caps’ because they are placed over your tooth, like a cap. They are a versatile treatment that can be used to treat a number of dental problems, including:

● Chipped or damaged teeth

● Teeth that have become weak because of large fillings, or a root canal

● Missing teeth (as part of a bridge, or dental implant)

Why Have Dental Crowns in Almeria?

The procedure for dental crowns is reasonably straightforward and won’t take up too much of your holiday time—either while at the dentist’s office receiving your crown, or in terms of downtime afterward. Once your crown is fitted, you should be able to get on with enjoying your holiday to the full without any pain or ill-effects.

Whether you are already planning a trip to Spain or contemplating going specifically for a new crown, you will save a fortune compared to the prices a dentist at home will charge. In fact, you will probably save more than enough to pay for your flights and accommodation in Almeria—so you won’t be out of pocket at all—or you can look at it another way in that your holiday will effectively be free!

How Much Does a Dental Crown Cost in Almeria?

Check out the dental crowns prices in Almeria—they cost less than a third compared to home:


UK £


US $



Dental Crown Prices at home






Dental Crown Prices in Almeria






What About the Quality of Dental Care in Almeria? Is it Reliable?

We know going overseas for any kind of dental procedure is daunting, but it doesn't have to be if you choose your dental provider wisely.

Spain is considered to have excellent healthcare standards. As a member of the European Union, Spain’s dentists are subject to the same rules and regulations on hygiene and safety as elsewhere in the EU. They are trained to a high standard and registered to practice with the General Council of Colleges of Dentistry and Stomatology of Spain.

Generally, the quality of dental care in Spain remains high because dentists supply their services on a private practice basis, which ensures healthy competition between clinics. In turn, competition is good for patients who can choose to go elsewhere if they are not satisfied with the services.

Thus, you can be sure that dental clinics in Almeria are contemporary, equipped with the latest technologies, use world-renowned brands and materials have skilled dentists to carry out both general and complex procedures.

By booking an appointment with Dental Departures, you are assured of reliable care because we have already pre-screened all the clinics on our site. So, onsite visits, legal/criminal records, dentist qualifications, professional memberships and patient reviews are all included in our background checks; if we don’t like what we see, then you won’t find the facility on our site.

Take a look at our high-quality facilities and additional information in each listing, such as prices, clinic photos and location maps to help you get a good indication of whether a clinic is right for you:

Clinica Dental Alberto Fernandez & Ayora

Clinica Microdental

Clinica Dess

How Long Will the Dental Crowns Procedure Take?

The procedure for dental crowns usually takes place over two visits to the dentist just a couple of days apart. The first visit will involve an assessment, x-rays and a discussion about to the material you wish to be used for your crown.

Each material has its pros and cons, which the dentist will talk you through. Most patients prefer materials that are aesthetically close to matching their own teeth, which means porcelain is a popular material. However, porcelain is more prone to fracture, so an alternative may be porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM), which is also cheaper than porcelain, but the metal may show through the porcelain on these restorations, showing a grey tinge. Zirconia is one of the newest materials. It is hard-wearing, natural-looking and a little expensive. But, as the prices are considerably less in Almeria, you may be able to upgrade to this material without too much additional expense.

Once the material has been agreed, your tooth can be prepared to receive the crown. This involves filing down the tooth so the crown will fit snugly over it. A local anaesthetic is administered before your dentist starts work. Following that, impressions of your mouth are made to send to the laboratory. The dentist will then place a temporary crown over your tooth until you go back to have your permanent crown affixed.

When the crown is ready, you will return to the dentist to have your permanent crown placed. The dentist removes the temporary crown and makes any minor adjustments to the permanent crown until it fits perfectly. Using a light-activated adhesive, the crown is cemented to your tooth to complete the procedure.

You may be able to get same-day crowns if your dentist offers CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture) technology. Using a computer, digital x-rays are used to design the crown in front of you. When you and the dentist are happy, the images are sent to an onsite laboratory and a milling machine makes the crown while you wait—the whole process taking only a couple of hours.


Book Your Appointment with a Dentist in Almeria

Contact Dental Departures’ Customer Care Team to schedule your appointment for dental crowns in Almeria. They can also provide a free, no-obligation quote. Other booking channels for your treatment can be found below, including the option to book instantly with us online.


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