Fillings in Barcelona

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Barcelona

Last fact-checked: 14 March 2020

Dental Departures takes the hassle out of going abroad for treatment, such as dental fillings in Barcelona, Spain. Dental tourism is not just for ‘big ticket’ procedures—although you can save a fortune on expensive dental procedures by traveling abroad. However, in these days of frequent, low-cost overseas travel, many people are finding it just as easy to arrange their regular dental care while enjoying a holiday or city break. Why? Because it’s convenient, high-quality and you can save a decent amount of money.

Take a look at Dental Departures’ quality-checked clinics and start planning your dental care around your next trip to Barcelona.

How Much Do Dental Fillings Cost in Barcelona in Comparison to the UK and Eire?

Check out the cost of fillings in Barcelona compared to your home country in the table below. It’s a decent enough saving:


UK £


US $



Dental Fillings Prices at home






Dental Fillings Prices in Barcelona






Why Are Dental Fillings Important?

The NHS dental crisis in the UK has led to people looking for alternative solutions to the lack of affordable dental care at home. Private dentists in the UK often charge several hundred pounds for just the most rudimentary care, such as a dental check-up, professional teeth cleaning and a filling.

The importance of preventive procedures like these just can’t be underestimated. Preventive care is one of the fundamentals of modern dentistry—and is overlooked by many of us if we are short of money or time, which can often have a detrimental effect on our dental health that will end up costing us more in the long term.

Dental fillings can preserve the function and structure of a tooth that’s been eroded by decay. Decay is caused by bacteria that produce teeth-eroding acid. Bacteria are present all the time in our mouths, but keeping a clean mouth keeps the accumulation under control. Lack of a dental hygiene routine, and eating sugary, starchy foods coat the teeth with a sticky surface, making it easier for the bacteria to stick on and between the teeth, providing the ideal breeding ground for them to multiply, which is obviously bad news for your teeth and gums.

Tooth decay can be removed with a filling. The dentist gets rid of the decayed part of the tooth, cleans the resulting cavity, and fills it with a suitable material to seal the hole and save the tooth from further damage by bacteria.

If a filling isn’t undertaken, the damage to the tooth can result in the pulp chamber in the centre of the tooth becoming infected with bacteria, at which point only a root canal procedure will resolve the issue.

How Long Will the Filling Procedure Take?

The actual dental fillings procedure is carried out in a matter of minutes. The first thing your dentist will do is to examine your mouth and x-rays may be taken to verify how far the decay extends.

The choice of filling material to be used will be discussed with you. In the past, only the silver-coloured, amalgam fillings were used, but as the mercury content in amalgam is now a concern, as well as the fact that most people these days want aesthetically-pleasing fillings that match their own teeth. The good news is that plenty of other options are now available. Composite or porcelain are the materials most people go for, but your dentist in Barcelona will talk you through the pros and cons of each one.

A local anaesthetic is injected into the area surrounding the tooth to be filled. Once the area is numb, the dentist will begin to remove the decay from the tooth. The resulting cavity is cleaned and your chosen filling material is applied and left to set for a few minutes. Once it hardened, the dentist will shape the filling material and polish it for a smooth and comfortable result.

There is virtually no downtime after the filling procedure. The numbness in your mouth will gradually wear off over the next couple of hours, at which point you can eat, drink and carry on as you normally do.

Are the Dentists in Barcelona Reliable?

Spain’s dentists deliver good-quality services. Because they are in private practice, patients are free to go elsewhere if they are not happy with the care provided. This is why many of the dental facilities you’ll see in Spain are modern, contemporary and equipped with all the best and latest technologies to provide the safest and most accurate care available. Should you choose a reliable clinic, your expectations of the quality of the care should be more than surpassed.

Choosing the best clinic isn’t always that easy if you’re going abroad, and this is where Dental Departures comes in. We pre-screen all the listings on our website, so you know that each one meets our high standards. Our checks include onsite visits, verification of dentist qualifications and confirmation of professional memberships. We also collect real patient reviews that are published on our site, alongside location maps, clinic photos and prices.

Check some of our listings for your dental filling appointment:

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Further Information: 

Contact Dental Departures’ Customer Care Team if you’d like to find out more about dental fillings in Barcelona or book an appointment. Or you can book an appointment directly online with us any time of the day or night at no charge to you. We look forward to serving you soon!


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