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All on 4 in Istanbul

The Ultimate Guide to All on 4 in Istanbul

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to dentures then the solution could be a dental tourism trip to Turkey. You can replace all your teeth with an all-on-4 in Istanbul for less than a third of the price you’d pay at home—saving you literally thousands.

If you’ve never been to Istanbul it’s an endlessly interesting city to explore. From a cultural perspective, you’ll see centuries of history woven into the fabric of its architecture, with astounding sites from empires past leaving their mark for all to see today. Istanbul’s location straddling Europe and Asia has always been much coveted, and modern visitors still appreciate its unique position, as well as the beautiful vistas over the Bosphorus Straits and Sea of Marmara. Either as a traditional tourist or dental tourist, Istanbul is a captivating experience.

What is the All-on-4 Procedure?


Pioneered by Dr Paulo Malo from Lisbon, Portugal in the 1980s, the All-on-Four is an innovative procedure for patients who have lost all (or most) of their teeth. If you struggle with dentures, or just prefer the idea of having permanent, secure teeth then All-on-4 is a dental implants procedure you may want to consider. If you’ve already looked into the prices at home, you’ll be aware they are considerably expensive, which may well have put you off getting them until now. All-on-4 remains one of the most expensive dental procedures, so saving over £10,000 (€11,200; US $13,000; AUD $18,100) is no drop in the ocean and could well make your procedure affordable if you head to Istanbul for more reasonably priced care.

The procedure can be carried out in a day—which is why you may have seen it referred to as “Same Day Teeth”—less time-consuming than traditional implants—where the process involves a three-to-six month wait between implant placement and attachment of the false tooth (crown) while the implant bonds with the jaw bone to provide a strong and secure base.

The reason All-on-4 can be carried out in a day is because the rear implants are longer than traditional implants, and they are inserted at a 45-degree angle, rather than the typical 90-degrees, which provides a bigger surface area for bone-to-implant ratio.

What is the Cost of an All-on-4 in Istanbul?


The table below shows Istanbul’s all-on-4 prices compared to other countries:


UK £


US $


All-on-4s cost – at home





All-on-4s cost – Istanbul





What Does the All-on-4 Treatment Entail?


There are still several stages to the treatment, much of which will take place before your appointment. These involve:

1: Consultation & Assessment: This procedure requires accurate planning and assessment. Thus, you will have a thorough examination and consultation with the dentist who will examine your mouth, as well as taking x-rays and/or scans to make an assessment on whether your jaw bone is viable to place the implants. Although the procedure is suitable for patients with some bone loss, you will still need a reasonable amount for the implant to seat well. If the dentist confirms you are a suitable patient for the procedure, then impressions will first be made of your mouth and sent to the lab where your new arch of teeth will be manufactured and available to attach on the day of your procedure.

2: Treatment Day: Treatment will be carried out under local anaesthetic, or conscious sedation, and usually requires two hours for each jaw. Four implants will be placed in each jaw—two at the front at 90-degree angles, and two at the rear, at 45-degree angles. Once the implants are in place, your new arch of teeth is attached permanently (unless you’ve had recent extractions, in which case a lighter, temporary arch is placed to enable your jaws to heal properly after the extractions).

3: Permanent Restoration: If you initially had temporary crowns fitted following extractions, you will return to the dentist in three months (or you can leave it longer, if you wish) to get your permanent teeth fitted.


Why should I get All-on-4 implants in Istanbul?


  • Quick Procedure with Minimal Downtime: The All-on-4 procedure can often be carried out in a day. With minimal downtime (save for a little swelling and bruising), you can carry on with your holiday without too much interference.


  • Save money: The cost of an All-on-Four in Istanbul makes it a good-value procedure and much more within many people’s reach.
  • Modern Facilities: While Istanbul may be an ancient city, it is contemporary in other aspects. You can rely on modern clinics equipped with the latest technologies, such as CAD/CAM, 3D CT scanning and digital x-rays, providing both accurate diagnoses and predictable treatment outcomes.

Check out some of our popular clinics, such as the Istanbul Dental Clinic or Dentakademi Dental Healthcare Center . DentGroup International has a sister office in London where you can have your consultation and assessment before you travel to Istanbul for your procedure.

  • Easily Accessible: Plenty of airlines fly into Istanbul from across the British Isles with return flights costing as little as £200.

Are All-on-4’s a Good Procedure to have in Istanbul as a Dental Tourist?


Absolutely. For such a life-changing, major procedure, it’s surprising how quickly the treatment is carried out, and even more surprising to learn there are no major problems or associated after-effects of treatment.

It is worth remembering that the treatment is a surgical procedure, and you should take things easy after the procedure as your body will need time to heal itself and recover. However, the inner city is dense with sightseeing and activities; you should be able to find something that doesn’t wear you out too much.

Although Istanbul’s ‘Big Four’ tourist attractions (the Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia) are all in the Sultanahmet District, you may only be up to taking in one or two if you’re out and about after surgery. Maybe a leisurely cruise down the Bosphorus would be a good first post-treatment trip?

How to Arrange Your Trip to Istanbul for an All-on-Four


Search our listings to find top-quality dentists offering All-on-4 in Istanbul. Our Customer Care Team will happily talk you through the process, can book your appointment or get you a free quote. Get in touch and soon you can have your smile back with permanent teeth that look and feel exactly like your own!

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