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Root Canal in Los Algodones

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Los Algodones

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Los Algodones is a Mexican town located on the border of the U.S. states of California and Arizona. Algodones, as it is more commonly known, has been established for a number of years as a destination for many specialist dental procedures, including root canals, due to its proximity to the U.S. and the relatively inexpensive cost of treatment.

Low-priced shopping and restaurants in Algodones, along with the warm, dry climate have made it a popular destination for US and Canadian senior citizens as well as anyone looking to save money on dental care.  Whilst it still remains a popular year-round tourist destination, it is quickly becoming widely recognized for both medical and dental tourism.  Algodones is said to have around 900 dentists, and with a population of less than 6,000 you can see that dentistry is very important here.  It is not difficult, therefore, to find a specialist dentist who will undertake your treatment.  Finding the right provider is where Dental Departures can help!

Why have Root Canals in Algodones?

Only seven miles south of Yuma on the Interstate 8, Algodones is a convenient destination for US and Canadian travelers.  Low-cost flights arrive at Yuma airport and the other international airports of San Diego, Phoenix and Palm Springs are also within a reasonable distance.  Accommodation is plentiful across all budgets in Yuma and many people prefer to stay here and drive to the border.  Crossing the border by foot or car is a simple procedure, although there may be long waits from December through to March during peak season.  Passports are required.

All dental treatments, including root canals, are considerably less expensive in Algodones than in the US and Canada.  Shopping and eating-out are also significantly cheaper. Algodones may look like a traditional, colorful border town with its hand-painted signs and dusty streets, but its dental clinics compete with high-tech clinics throughout the world and offer the same standards of care and clinical excellence.

Root canal treatment solves infection and problems in the root of the tooth (dental pulp), which is a tooth's soft core.  In the past, damage to the pulp often resulted in the loss of a tooth, but root canal treatment enables a dentist to find the cause of any problems and treat them without removing the tooth.  Root canals can also be used to build up and crown an existing broken tooth.

How long does Root Canal treatment take in Algodones?

Treatment for root canals can take between one and three visits, dependent upon how extensive the damage is, or whether you have an abscess.  The procedure usually involves taking x-rays and the diseased or damaged pulp being removed under a local anesthetic.

The pulp chamber and root canal are then cleaned and filled with a flexible plastic material, to prevent further debris entering the tooth and causing infection. A temporary filling is usually put on top of that and, providing there is no sign of infection, a crown or permanent filling will be done usually 3-4 days later.  Root canal treatment can last a lifetime, provided teeth and gums are cared for with regular check-ups and oral hygiene maintained.

What is the cost comparison of root canals in Algodones to the US and Canada?

The cost of root canals in the United States depends largely upon whether treatment is needed for a front tooth or a molar. A front tooth will cost around $500, but a molar can cost in the range of $900.  A build up and dental crown is extra and ranges from $1,000 to $1,500.   The total cost of a root canal and crown in the US or Canada ranges from $1,500 to $2,500.

In comparison, the treatment in Algodones costs around $200 without a crown, and around $400 complete with a crown.

Algodones is an inexpensive, lively and exciting town.   It has established itself as a very popular destination for dental care, partly because of its cost and also because of the high standards of treatment it provides.   Above all, it is conveniently placed for clients from the US and Canada to reach quickly and easily to undergo root canal treatment at a fraction of the price it would cost back home.

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