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The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Mexicali

Last fact-checked: 20 May 2019

Head over the Border for low-cost dentures in Mexicali. This city, on the US-Mexico Border with California’s Calexico, is convenient for snowbirds, retirees, day-trippers and vacationers from the US and Canada looking to save money on their dental care.

Either driving, walking over the border, or flying into one of two international airports nearby, Mexicali offers affordability and choice for dental care, as well as on hotels, dining out and shopping. For patients coming here for dental work, Mexicali is an excellent base from which to visit other nearby attractions, such as San Felipe or Guadalupe Canyon–or to play a round of golf while waiting for the lab to finish your dentures.

Why Have Dentures in Mexicali?

Missing teeth are more than an inconvenience; they can affect your whole outlook, making you feel embarrassed and self-conscious. Whether you are replacing one or two teeth, or the whole lot, traveling to Mexicali for your dentures is affordable and convenient–and driving over the border is now a whole lot quicker with the new medical tourism lane.

Low prices do not mean the dentures you receive in Mexicali will be inferior in any way to dentures you would receive at home. Dentists here use high-quality brand name materials–the same as they do at home, but dental treatment is far cheaper here because overheads and the overall cost-of-living is less.

You can also be certain that you will receive expert dental care from a quality-checked dentist with Dental Departures stringent background checks. We visit all our clinics to check on their hygiene and safety standards, as well as confirming our dentists’ qualifications and experience. Our listed dentists in Mexicali are highly experienced, providing thousands of cross-border patients with dental treatment every year.

Check out  these clinics, which have been highly-rated by past patients:

Clinica de Ortodoncia Estetica Dental
RamLanz Dental
Dental Brush – Mexicali

How Long Do Dentures take in Mexicali?

Dentures can be made in only a few days. However, if you have recently had surgery or extractions dentures cannot be fitted until the gums have healed—typically after three months.

Having dentures fitted after extractions: Non-permanent (sometimes called ‘healing dentures’) are fitted immediately after surgery or extractions. Lighter than permanent dentures, they allow the gums to heal. This will usually take a few months, but they can be worn for much longer. After your permanent dentures have been fitted you may need to have them adjusted periodically to ensure a lasting fit.

Dentures with Porcelain Teeth vs Dentures with Acrylic Teeth: The choice of material for your dentures is a matter of personal choice which your dentist will discuss with you.

Porcelain dentures are longer-lasting and have a more natural appearance. However, they tend to place more stress on bones and gums simply because they are heavier. Acrylic dentures are generally more comfortable to wear because they are lighter.

How Much Can I Save on Dentures in Mexicali Compared to the US or Canada?


US $


UK £



Full Dentures Prices at home






Full Dentures Prices in Mexicali






If cost is a consideration for dentures, traveling to Mexicali is a cost-effective solution for the problem of tooth loss, enabling you to have the best quality materials for far less than the price at home.

Scheduling Your Appointment:

You can book online, phone us, e-mail us or use our online chat. Dental Departures’ Customer Care Team has helped hundreds of patients through the process of obtaining your dentures in Mexicali, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

(Public Domain image by: Gary M Stolz, US Fish and Wildlife Service)


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