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Crowns in Mexico City

The Ultimate Guide to Crowns in Mexico City

Looking to save money on the cost of your dental crowns? With Dental Departures it's easy to find and book a dentist for dental crowns in Mexico City, and save yourself around 60%.

Many North Americans have discovered that affordable, good quality dental crowns are available just a few hours away in Mexico City. Savvy patients looking for cost-effective alternatives to the escalating costs at home have found Mexico City’s modern facilities deliver first-rate dental care in historic and interesting surroundings.

Imposing architecture, fashionable neighborhoods, tranquil parks and chic restaurants provide ample opportunities for relaxation in this historic city. Providing all the amenities modern travelers could wish for – and more – there is no shortage of things to see and do in and around the city, making it the ideal place to spend some time in between dental appointments for dental crowns.

The weather in Mexico City is pretty good all year round – even in the rainy season there is sunshine as well as showers – and with flights direct from US and Canadian cities it is a convenient option for inexpensive dental crowns and a well-earned break.

Why have Dental Crowns in Mexico City?

Although substantially reduced prices are a major consideration for patients coming to Mexico City for their dental crowns, so too is the quality of the treatment they receive.

Dental tourism is a growth industry which forward-thinking cities such as this are keen to embrace. Awareness of the standards in countries such as the US and Canada has prompted dental and health care providers to deliver care that is as good as patients would receive at home. This means offering not only good quality treatment, but to be accredited with the same international organizations and professional governing bodies that providers at home would be.

Overall, standards in Mexico City are generally high, with modern dental clinics using the latest technology and labs in Mexico using the same materials available in the US and Canada.

How long do Dental Crown Treatments take in Mexico City?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped ‘caps’ that fit over a tooth, for example, to restore its appearance if damaged, or to provide strength or to cover a dental implant. They can be temporary or permanent. Temporary ones are made at your dentist’s office and fitted only until your permanent crowns are ready. Permanent ones are made at a laboratory and usually take a few days.

The whole procedure takes around 3-4 days to complete, involving two appointments with your dentist. On the first visit in preparation for the crown your dentist may take x-rays to check that the surrounding bone and roots of the tooth are healthy enough to receive the crown – if not, further treatment may be required.

Next, the tooth and surrounding area will be numbed and the tooth will be filed down to make room for the crown. If a large area of tooth is missing due to damage or decay the tooth may need to be built up with filling material to support the crown. When your dentist is happy with the shape impressions will be made and sent to the lab for the crown to be custom-made. A temporary crown will be fitted by your dentist to protect your tooth until the permanent crown is ready (usually a couple of days).

On your second appointment the dentist will remove the temporary crown and fit the permanent crown. After some final adjustments the permanent crown will be cemented in place.

Your dentist will discuss with you beforehand what material is most suitable for you as crowns are available in a variety of different materials.

What is the cost comparison of Dental Crowns in Mexico City to the US and Canada?

Standard porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns cost around $1,150 in the US. In Mexico City they start at around $500.  For expensive zirconia crowns even bigger savings can be made as prices are $1,600 in the US but around $750 in Mexico City.

Crowns last a minimum of 5 years, and up to 15 years if they are zirconia crowns. Coming to Mexico City will allow you to upgrade to longer-lasting higher-quality dental crowns – and still cost less than the cheapest crowns at home.

How do I book my Dental Crowns in Mexico City?

Call us Toll-Free or book online to find the best dentists in Mexico City. With us you can compare prices, read reviews, look at clinic photos and view virtual tours so that you 'know-before-you-go'. Book your dental crowns in Mexico City with us and find a world of dental care for less.

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